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Having accrued a modest stockpile of banked holidays and compensation in lieu of overtime, I schemed a plan, taking me back and forth between near and far, playing the seasons, flights, family, etc. First on the agenda was Cuba. I'd long wanted to go, and now having both a defined window of opportunity as well as ever increasing pressure to get there before the floodgates opened to the American public, I bought tickets a week before Obama announced his historic visit.

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April 1st, 2016Cancun, Mexico
April 2nd, 2016Valladolid, Mexico
April 4th, 2016Tulum, Mexico
April 6th, 2016Cuba
April 6th, 2016Havana, Cuba
April 10th, 2016Vinales, Cuba
April 12th, 2016Cienfuegos, Cuba
April 14th, 2016Trinidad, Cuba
April 16th, 2016Santa Clara, Cuba
April 18th, 2016Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
April 19th, 2016El Cobre, Cuba
April 20th, 2016Baracoa, Cuba