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Assateague lighthouse from the trail

The first lighthouse was the Assateague Lighthouse which is in Chicoteague. 

This is a lighthouse we haven't seen on our boat because we've only been on the Chesapeake.  Weds morning we did the morning chores and unplugged the modem, and TVs and turned off and drained the water (so that if the electricity went off, the pipes wouldn't freeze) and left about 9. We got gas at BJs and the car has only been getting a little over 28 mph. The GPS was taking a really long time calculating the route. At some point I figured out that I had it set on the most economical route which seems to mean the shortest and less high speed highways, so I changed it.

We were in Prince Frederick by 10 and were going over the Bay Bridge before 11. I was reading the AAA book and it said that there were lighthouse tours and gave a number to call.

Car selling Girl Scout cookies
So I called. After going through the phone tree four times, I got the number they gave at the end written down (twice I didn't get that far before I picked). They said lighthouse tours didn't start until April, and she also said she didn't think that the National Seashore southern visitor's center was open except on weekends

I decided to stop in Cambridge at a restaurant that the AAA book said overlooked the river, but it turned out to be on the grounds of a big hotel, and we couldn't find it. So we ate at Arbys because when I was working the Eastern Shore the Arbys in Cambridge and Salisbury had frozen custard, which was yummy. But they don't have it anymore. I had a Reuben and a chocolate turnover in which the chocolate was warm and so I ended up with some on my face.

Lighthouse from the Visitor's Center
Lunch took us about half an hour.

On the road a car passed and initially I though it had "Go Hokies" written on the rear window. That would have been a little odd, but what it actually said was "G S Cookies"

Then about 1:30, a fire engine passed us and then everything on the road stopped. Apparently there had been an accident and they had wreckers and they airlifted the victims out by helicopter. That took about 10 minutes.  We got to the Virginia boarder about 2 and we got maps (Virginia, Chincoteaque, National Seashore, etc)

Chincoteaque is on Chincoteque Island.  Assateague Lighthouse is in the Chincoteque National Seashore on Assateague Island.  Assateque Island is half in Maryland and half in Virginia.  There is no road between the Virginia half and the Maryland half.

Great Blue Heron

We arrived on Chincoteaque (which the GPS pronounced Chincoty or something like that) at 1424, and I decided to check out the southern visitor's center first. And it was indeed closed.  But that meant that we didn't have to pay the entrance fee because there was no one to collect it.  We took a couple photos of the lighthouse from there.

We looked at the beach, but I was saving my energy for the walk to the lighthouse and didn't go out on it. Didn't see any ponies.  We also took some photos of the birds in the wildlife refuge. There were supposed to be snow geese, and there were white birds but they were too far away for me to see whether they were geese or swans. And some of the pictures of the birds have the lighthouse in the background.

Bob walking around the bottom of the lighthouse

We got to the lighthouse trail and did walk to it although it took just about every energy unit I had. The trail was mostly crushed stone - Bob said it looked new.

On the way back toward the hotel we passed the museum (closed) and the McDonalds where we could see the lighthouse, but I thought we would come back for that later. I was trying to find a couple of cemeteries to see if I had located them on the map correctly. But we turned the wrong way on Main St and went up to the other end and had to turn around. We got to the hotel about 1530.

They gave us cookies and said there was tea and coffee anytime, and they have a nice breakfast (with cranberry juice). There is a fridge and microwave in the room. They also said they were serving a snack supper between 5 and 7.

Historic town

I downloaded the photos we took (Bob took 11, I took 80) but I kept having to go into the bathroom to meditate. Next time I go I'm taking the phone book in there to read. Bob wasn't enthusiastic about the supper which was soup, chips, cold cut sandwiches and drinks. But I didn't think I could get that far from the bathroom, so in the end that was what we did

February 17, 2011

Bob set the alarm for 7 and we got up a little after that. Went to breakfast about 8:20. In addition to waffles and cranberry juice they had scrambled eggs, sausage, hard boiled eggs, hot and cold cereal, pastries, toast, tea and coffee. We ate at a table by the window overlooking the canal. It was posted no swimming because of swift currents. I saw ducks flocking to where someone was apparently feeding them, and then they all swam down a canal in a phalanx.

Lighthouse from McDonald's parking lot

We checked out, about 8:50, but when I got to the car I couldn't remember where I had put the GPS. Finally figured it out after emptying my whole computer bag. I had stuck it and my cell phone in the side bottle slot. Anyway we did to go the McDonalds and take pictures of the lighthouse, and then drove the length of Main Street, touring the Historic Downtown. I was looking for two cemeteries but I'm thinking that they have moved the bridge and I probably went the wrong direction because my directions were for the old bridge.

We left the island over the new drawbridge and drove to US 13. Next looking for the Cape Charles Light in the Eastern Shore of Virginia Wildlife Refuge to look for the Cape Charles Lighthouse

Congrats on your featured blog. Well done and well deserved.
Posted on: Feb 26, 2017
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Assateague lighthouse from the tra…
Assateague lighthouse from the tr…
Car selling Girl Scout cookies
Car selling Girl Scout cookies
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