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I have a year remaining on my contract here in Malaysia... how much fun, unusual, and just plain weird can I squeeze out of my time here before I move onto another continent?

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January 28th, 2017Coron, Philippines
January 29th, 2017Coron, Philippines
January 30th, 2017Coron, Philippines
March 20th, 2017Hanoi, Vietnam
March 21st, 2017Hanoi, Vietnam
March 23rd, 2017Sapa, Vietnam
March 24th, 2017Sapa, Vietnam
March 25th, 2017Sapa, Vietnam
March 26th, 2017Hanoi, Vietnam
April 3rd, 2017Hanoi, Vietnam
May 1st, 2017Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 8th, 2017Langkawi, Malaysia
May 9th, 2017Pulau Payar, Malaysia
August 7th, 2017Kuching, Malaysia
August 8th, 2017Kuching, Malaysia
August 28th, 2017Gunung Mulu Park, Malaysia
August 29th, 2017Gunung Mulu Park, Malaysia
August 30th, 2017Gunung Mulu Park, Malaysia
August 31st, 2017Gunung Mulu Park, Malaysia
September 1st, 2017Kota Belud, Malaysia
September 2nd, 2017Kota Belud, Malaysia
September 4th, 2017Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
November 14th, 2017Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
November 20th, 2017Genting Highlands, Malaysia