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The Murg valley is one of the major valleys that enter the Northern Black Forest from the Upper Rhine Plain. It has beautiful landscapes. Places of interest along the valley include Rastatt, Favorite Palace, Gaggenau and its suburbs, Gernsbach, Forbach and, up in the hills, Freudenstadt.

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October 25th, 2009Rastatt, Germany
October 26th, 2009Rastatt-Foerch, Germany
October 27th, 2009Rastatt, Germany
September 18th, 2010Gernsbach, Germany
September 19th, 2010Gernsbach, Germany
October 3rd, 2010Gaggenau, Germany
October 4th, 2010Gaggenau, Germany
October 5th, 2010Gaggenau, Germany
May 13th, 2011Gernsbach, Germany
July 11th, 2012Forbach, Germany
July 16th, 2012Freudenstadt, Germany