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Finally the day came after waiting for 9 months on this trip. I say nine months? it was nine months ago since we booked the air ticket. Alaska was on my wishlist for a long time, but each time I checked the airfare is so priceless. So we keep on waiting till we find affordable ticket. One day I decided to sign up with skyscanner and set the price alarm with my email address - which was a good thing to do. 

The next day and the day thereafter I received emails- two to three times a day amazing how the ticket price changed - but is still too much for me. Thus, I patiently wait to lower price (hopefully) . One day is my lucky day, while at work I checked my emails constantly from my iphone. I do this often every 2 to 4 hours otherwise my inbox is overloaded with spam at the end of the day.

Skyscanner email is in between this was the first thing I opened and what a surprised British Airways has promotion price to Achorage (yay) this was the monment I'm waiting for. From the excitement I want to go home so I can book the ticket, but I still at work. 

When I come home open the computer and went to British Airways website- the ticket price I saw at skyscanner is still the same price. We already set up a date for our May trip thus, I have the dates of departure and while looking their timetable I understand why British Airways has this promotion because we had a 5 hour layover in London Heathrow.

For the price I didn't mind is not the first time we have such a long layover - if we want a reasonable ticket price we have to take the long stopover. The return trip is only two hours before our connection flight to BrusselsOur flights: Brussels- London Heathrow- Seattle- Anchorage. We have a 4 hour layover in Seattle and change plane in Seattle is a flight with Alaskan Air 

When the day came I've been searching informations of what to pack for Alaska, I get to different websites with different informations- at the end I pack my things without following to what I've read on internet I know Alaska has cold temperature, my luggage is filled with winter clothes thus, I'm good prepare with this trip

We had an early flight on a Thursday morning, as always we took the train to Brussels airport. It was holiday in Belgium that day we depart, train schedule is a bit chaotic so, we asked my father inlaw to drive us to Bruges and took the train there straight to Brussels. We arrive in Brussels airport three hours before our flight, we still have plenty of time. I always said better too early than too late

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Posted on: Aug 24, 2017
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