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Cape Canaveral launch towers

After leaving New Smyrna, we saw a guy next to the channel with a hard dink in the cockpit of his small trawler repeatedly throwing and anchor over and retrieving it. We asked if he was OK, and he said he'd lost the cooling in his diesel. I don't know why he didn't pull the boat with the dinghy.

People were wading around next to the channel - in water up to their SHINS.

I called the New Smyrna Beach Marina manger to thank him. After 10, we got an OK to go to Titusville Marina. They don't make reservations until they see what boats have left the morning that you want a slip. It started to rain. We can see the rainstorm on the radar, and it is chasing us. It is clear ahead. I made Bob lunch

As we turn into the Haulover Canal (and into the rainstorm), a big power boat passes us.

Marina from our boat
I call the Haulover bridge, and he says he'll open when we get there. It is now pouring rain with very reduced visibility. Water is pouring in the bottom of the dodger (which we have had up and which I haven't fastened down on the bottom) and cascades down over the wind and water gauges. Then the curtains fog up. I hope the bridge tender can see us better than we can see him.

After we exited the canal (which is only a mile long) the depth sounder keeps going off (It sounds a warning starting at 7 feet.) The channel is very narrow but there are two tanks on the far shore ahead that the books tell us to use as a range, and we get through without running aground.

We can now see the big buildings at Cape Canaveral on our port (left) as we go down the Indian River.
Titusville Swing Bridge leaving the marina

As we were coming into the marina, it started raining hard again.

Gordon a guy on a Brewer from a couple slips down said he went to Towson State Teachers and student taught and taught at Towson HS in about 1950 when Bob and I were students there.

I was completely unable to boot the Compaq as the batteries were all discharged. The marina let me plug in and download. We were supposed to do it outside, but not only was it wet, but there was construction which had the area we were supposed to use roped off.

We walked to Azteca [now closed] for dinner. Bob had the taco platter (that's what he usually has in a Mexican restaurant) and I had something with a variety of things in it, but couldn't eat it all. This time I didn't take any home. We shared a frozen ice cream, which was vanilla with soft chocolate ice cream used like whipped cream on the top.

We walked back to the boat. There was a night heron on the piling at the end of the slip that was making a big racket. It also rained.

December 13, 2000

Bob signed up for the trip to ACE hardware at 8:30. He put the laundry in before he left. I went up to do pocketmail and get a shower, and was to put the laundry in a dryer, but the dryers were full. Also I didn't have any money. Bob got back as I was going to ask for change.

As I was in the shower, someone came into the ladies room and said what a racket the construction guys were making. I said yes that they'd be deaf by the time they were 30. They said it was a wonder OSHA didn't do something. I said that it was construction and that OSHA didn't have much of a noise construction standard.

We backed out of the slip without incident as there was no current or wind, and went through the Titusville swing bridge, and then the NASA bascule bridge by 11:15. There was a headwind of 20-25 knots.  We are going to visit someone who has another CSY and anchor off Merrit Island

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Cape Canaveral launch towers
Cape Canaveral launch towers
Marina from our boat
Marina from our boat
Titusville Swing Bridge leaving th…
Titusville Swing Bridge leaving t…
Nesting birds on an island
Nesting birds on an island
photo by: portia