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Our boat at the dock in 2000

Bob and I started down the InterCoastal  Waterway (ICW) from Wynne Maryland for the first time in November 2000.

Some people went in groups headed by a person who had done the ICW before.  We just headed out on our own.    My 90 year old mother moaned that I was deserting her.  Our daughter confided to her friend that she thought her parents were going to hit a reef and drown when their boat sank.  We had a 'float plan' which is the boat equivalent of a flight plan.  Each evening I would check in by phone with my son, and tell him where we expected to be the next night.  If he didn't hear from us, he could notify the Coast Guard where to look for us.

The trip from Maryland to Miami took 51 days. I kept a journal or log on the trip of our adventures, and I emailed these journals to my mother whenever I could.  Each day, I would write down on a pad of paper what we saw and did.  Each evening, I would write up an email.

In those days, the internet was not as ubiquitous as it is now.  I had two options for doing email.  I could connect the computer up to a phone line and get my email that way.  Or I could use a service called Pocket Mail which was a device with an acoustic modem which I used with a phone (There was an 800# for pay phones).  I had a bag phone (one of the first mobile phones) which I could attach to the antenna at the top of the mast and I got really good range with that.  I also had one of those early cell phones.

Although I felt really prepared for the trip (I had done extensive research and had gone to seminars.  I had the charts and maps and guidebooks) each morning I felt just slightly nauseated.  I told someone later it was like morning sickness, except I knew I wasn't pregnant.   It was not until after I read a book by Lynn Pardee where she diagnosed an unusual seasickness as anxiety that I realized that was what it was.  I didn't have any problem on the second trip - only on the first one. 

Outstanding incidents:

*Anchoring surrounded by Crab Pots in Chisman Creek
*Visit to Fort Monroe
*Experiencing the Dismal Swamp
*Going through the Rock Pile 
*Shrimp Boat Bumper- McClellanville
*Breaking a throttle cable at anchor
*Rock Crunching Exit from Jekyll
*Fired on by cannons at St. Augustine
*Near Disaster in Port Orange  
*20 Draw Bridges north of Ft Lauderdale   


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Our boat at the dock in 2000
Our boat at the dock in 2000
photo by: grandmar