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December has always been the month I liked the most, not only because it is the last month of the year, but also because of the season holidays like Christmas. Ever since I was a kid, I liked those days and even till this day it has never gone away. 

This year however it is even more special coz after a very tough year of working and all kinds of other stuff, it is the month I can finally relax for a few weeks. I must admit that I was counting the months ever since we booked this trip in the summer and although at that time it still looked so far away, today I was more than glad that we could finally leave. What can I say, I really needed this break.

Although we were officially leaving tomorrow evening, me and Tania decided on going to Amsterdam today so that we could relax and have a little bit of “pre holiday fun”. Tania still needed to do a bit of work on Monday, as she had to visit a few hotels for clients of hers, but not that we were going to think about that today.

Today my mind was set on holiday and nothing else!

As soon as the sun came out, if you can call it that coz it was a very cold morning and light clouds were hanging in front of that big round thing, I rechecked all my bags to make sure I had everything I needed and not an hour later my little niece came to say goodbye. I promised her the day before that as we were going to set up the family Christmas tree, this year she could help, so it goes without saying that just like her auntie, she woke up very early … it was only 8 AM as we were mumbling christmas songs and had loads of fun with decorating everything.

Time flies when you have fun, so we had to skip breakfast all together coz by the time we were finished it was already after 10 AM so we called it brunch instead, it is all in the name isn’t it, coz I still call it food.

With my stomach happy, it was already time to put all my stuff in the trunk of the car and after saying my goodbyes to the entire family, I was more than ready for my few weeks of relaxation.

My brother was going to bring me and Tania to Amsterdam as this was the fastest way. There were some rail works going on during the weekend and we both weren’t really looking forward to spending more than 4 hours on a train jumping from one to another if we could easily go by car in just 2 hours … road trip it is!

By the time we arrived in Amsterdam it was already 4 PM, so as soon as we checked in to our hotel, got our room and dropped of our luggage, we enjoyed our last hour of daylight or in our case grey light coz heavy clouds were hovering above the city but it felt nice to be back. It has been more than a year since I travelled to Amsterdam and now that I arrived here again, I remember why I love this city so much. I really need to come back when the weather is better, that’s for sure!

After spending some time in the shopping street of the city, it became darker and darker, so in the end we decided to go and look for something to eat and although there were so many choices, we eventually walked inside a small Mexican restaurant close to the hotel were we went for a burrito but not after we had a yummy and spicy starter. The food was more than yummy, but I obviously had too many to eat, coz I needed to go for a walk. Although the hotel was nearby, we decided to walk around the area for a while, but it was just so damn cold, so we ended up doing a short walk instead of a longer one ... that’s winter I guess!

Both tired after such a long day, we decided to head back to the hotel, but by the time we said goodnight, it was already a little after midnight, so I was more than glad to close my eyes coz tomorrow another long day awaited us.

Ils1976 says:
great minds think alike! :)
Posted on: Apr 05, 2017
gingerbatik says:
agree Ils, I like Dec too especially the gløgg and the chocolate:)
Posted on: Mar 28, 2017
Ils1976 says:
Thanks so much guys for the beautiful and warm words on my latest trip. Thanks so much! :D
Posted on: Mar 23, 2017
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photo by: Ils1976