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It has definately been an interesting year of changes for me. Some frustrating situations and others not so much. To think that at the beginning of 2016, I was about to give up on a lot of things but who would have figured I would have made such progress in such a short amount of time. I have a new easy job that I love due to its travel privelages and extremely flexible work schedule. I live in a nice peaceful neighborhood ten minutes from my job and the city and location is very nice. I was the type to where I used to hate hearing how good other people had it. That they were able to enjoy their lives and I couldn't. I was always frustrated, depressed or worried about something, while others were frolicking through life. If I were still in the same position as a I was a few years ago and the happy things that I'm saying now were being said by someone else, I would have hated hearing it especially when they ask about myself and I know I only have negative things to say.

Now however, after pushing and pushing, I finally got the breakthrough, the huge breakthrough that I needed to move forward. As silly as this sounds, I think of a mole that's slowly digging through the rough dirt and runs into a rock. Then either digging through it or around it, he digs further and the dirt is now soft and easy to get through. Even though I am slowly improving my life, I still have to be mentally prepared for the unexpected setbacks that can cause people to give in. I still can't be too relaxed seeing as I still have a lot left to do before I can breathe a little easier.

After my test run back in July, I have simply been going to work day in and day out. Before I knew it my six month probationary period was almost over. With the holidays coming up, I started to contemplate what I wanted to do for Christmas and New Years. New Years is a Holiday I never really bothered celebrating but with the new job and changing life, I figured I should celebrate it. Before I could do that, I still had to wait to get my new schedule and pass my test.

When the time for the test came, I was very nervous despite how simplistic it is. I was told that I passed it with flying colors. With that out of the way, I now had the ability to pick up overtime and do shift changes with other employees, not to mention I knew my new upcoming schedule. I bought a schedule book to immediately start getting everything planned out. My goal was to pick up as many hours as I could in December, celebrate the holidays, January would be a relaxtion month (my vacaction for this year is in January) then attempt to do 400 hours (working seven days a week) in a month for the month of February. December was a sort of practice run for February. Unfortunately due to scheduling, the most I can do is 320 hours in a month working. I had already picked up nearly 100 extra hours for the two weeks left in December.

I decided that for New Years, that I wanted to go to New York again and see the ball drop. I thought about my pen pal and wanted to send her a small gift for Christmas. However, to ship it out and for it to make it on or a few days after Christmas would cost $80. I kept trying to find out if we had shipping discounts but I couldn't find anything. I thought that maybe I could just take a day off and fly out there and give it to her personally. There were too many risks of not being able to get on a plane back home seeing as how Narita and Haneda only have one flight a day to and from LAX and they are usually full. Plus it was the holidays and I was already covering for someone else.

I kept going back and forth about not only that but New York as well. Even though I had found some decently priced places to stay, I didn't want to spend any of the extra money that I'd just worked so hard to earn. This is a major problem that I have always had but of course it is warranted. Sometimes I don't want to spend anything, mainly because I can't afford to and that I have a lot to take care of. That's what always puts me in an "All work and no play" mentality.

After doing research and getting opinions about New York's New Year's celebration, I decided that it's severly overrated and I didn't want to stand in one spot for 12 hours. I knew of course that it would be packed but I had no idea the reality of it all. I understand that for novelty's sake it's a good reason to go but other than that, I didn't feel any other reasons to go. I kept going back and forth about it, "should I spend the money?", "Should I bother going at all?". Then I realized something. If I say no to this, I will say no to every other travel opportunity for this coming year which defeats the entire purpose and reasonings for me being with this company. Like anything else, developing a habit takes time and repetition. So I would have to do this to get the habit of travel in my system. My financialy situation is going to take time to heal. I was trying to get it all done in one go with all of these hours. I will have plenty of opportunities to work all of those hours in February and the other months to come. I HAD the money and could afford to go to these places. I wasn't going there to spend a lot of money but just to explore spend a little.

Finally I decided. No more thinking, I didn't book any hotel reservations, had no idea what to do or where to go but I decided That I would start with the place that inspired me to travel in the first place. Japan.

DrewJ says:
I'm typing up the next one now. It should be done soon :D
Posted on: Jan 03, 2017
cotton_foam says:
So you did go right to NYC?!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2017
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