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TravBuddy - 102

TravBuddy - 102: The Advanced Guide
Part 1: Introduction

TravBuddy 101 was meant mostly for beginners, but seasoned members can learn something from it too. The 101 blog covers all the basics of the TravBuddy website as a tutorial about the site itself, learning your way around and utilizing its potential for sharing your travels. To view this guide visit the blog itself at TravBuddy 101 or go to the forum topic TravBuddy User Guide, where there are links to the entries for each topic. This is a 'sticky' topic so it will always appear at the top of the TravBuddy Help & Feedback forum. This blog, TravBuddy 102, is meant to cover more advanced topics, but beginners may benefit from it too. I thought it best to separate the TravBuddy guides into two separate blogs for a couple of reasons: (1) so as not to have too many entries in the blog to find what you are looking for and (2) to delineate what is considered basic information from more advanced information. This is just in my judgement what one would consider basic and advanced, but in general what is covered here would probably be used mostly by members who have already learned the basics of how the TravBuddy site works. Some of the things I share here are what I have learned by trial and error and experimenting with the various features, so it's useful to write them down and share them so others may benefit from what I have learned. Like TravBuddy 101, this will be a 'work in progress' project that develops over time and hope the result will come coherent "how to" guide that is a benefit to all members - new, seasoned or in between.

\\// ~Spocklogic

Suusj says:
Hi Brian, congrats on the featured blog :).
Posted on: Jan 28, 2017
Brian, congrats on the featured blog. This is really helpful to all the new members signing up at the moment. Thanks for all your support, which is very much appreciated.
Posted on: Jan 28, 2017
Chokk says:
Congrats on the featured blog :D
Posted on: Jan 27, 2017
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TravBuddy - 102
TravBuddy - 102
photo by: spocklogic