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he winter of 2014-2015 was a hard one and we really needed to get out of it. We decided to drive rent a place in Arizona for a month and just relax in the sun. Since our friends, Hank & Sue, had moved to Sun City, just west of Phoenix, that seemed like a reasonable destination. In order to stretch the time away, see a bit of the country and avoid the hell that commercial air travel has become, we decided to wander out and back by car.

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February 19th, 2015Moscow, Pennsylvania
February 19th, 2015Roanoke, Virginia
February 20th, 2015Norcross, Georgia
February 21st, 2015Lilburn, Georgia
February 21st, 2015Biloxi, Mississippi
February 22nd, 2015Avery Island, Louisiana
February 22nd, 2015Sulphur, Louisiana
February 23rd, 2015Kerrville, Texas
February 24th, 2015El Paso, Texas
February 25th, 2015Alamogordo, New Mexico
February 25th, 2015White Sands National Monument, United States
February 25th, 2015Tucson, Arizona
February 26th, 2015Tucson, Arizona
February 27th, 2015Tucson, Arizona
February 28th, 2015Tubac, Arizona
February 28th, 2015Tucson, Arizona
March 1st, 2015Tucson, Arizona
March 2nd, 2015Phoenix, Arizona
March 3rd, 2015Phoenix, Arizona
March 4th, 2015Mesa, Arizona
March 5th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 6th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 7th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 8th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 9th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 10th, 2015Phoenix, Arizona
March 11th, 2015Phoenix, Arizona
March 12th, 2015Phoenix, Arizona
March 13th, 2015Camp Verde, Arizona
March 13th, 2015Sedona, Arizona
March 14th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 16th, 2015Glendale, Arizona
March 21st, 2015Peoria, Arizona
March 25th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 26th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
March 27th, 2015Sun City, Arizona
April 3rd, 2015Zuni, New Mexico
April 3rd, 2015Santa Rosa, New Mexico
April 4th, 2015Van Buren, Arkansas
April 5th, 2015Knoxville, Tennessee
April 6th, 2015Holly Springs, North Carolina
April 7th, 2015Chesapeake, Virginia
April 8th, 2015Chesapeake, Virginia
April 9th, 2015Moscow, Pennsylvania