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November 2016 will mark the fifth time I will have been to Japan. It has always been my favorite country to visit, and every time I'm there, something always seem to amaze and astound me. I try to travel to different prefectures and learn more and more about Japan's rich and extensive culture, so if you like, please continue reading!

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November 13th, 2016Narita, Japan
November 14th, 2016Tokyo, Japan
November 15th, 2016Owakudani, Japan
November 16th, 2016Takayama, Japan
November 17th, 2016Shirakawago, Japan
November 18th, 2016Kyoto, Japan
November 19th, 2016Osaka, Japan
November 20th, 2016Yokohama, Japan
November 21st, 2016Yokohama, Japan
November 22nd, 2016Yamanashi, Japan
November 23rd, 2016Tokyo, Japan
November 24th, 2016Fukui, Japan
November 25th, 2016Shibuya, Japan