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The Summary

It's been a mystery right through the years. I'd heard so many myths and legends about Bhutan, it always presented this aura to me and just to be able to decipher it, immerse in it and savour it was the experience of a timeline. The 9 days spent here were everything from magical to spiritual to an awakening of sorts. Funny, a country whose official website is called is bound to do that to you!

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November 29th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
November 30th, 2016Kolkata, India
November 30th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
November 30th, 2016Thimphu, Bhutan
December 1st, 2016Thimphu, Bhutan
December 2nd, 2016Thimphu, Bhutan
December 2nd, 2016Punakha, Bhutan
December 2nd, 2016Gangtey, Bhutan
December 3rd, 2016Gangtey, Bhutan
December 3rd, 2016Punakha, Bhutan
December 4th, 2016Punakha, Bhutan
December 5th, 2016Punakha, Bhutan
December 5th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
December 6th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
December 7th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
December 8th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
December 9th, 2016Paro, Bhutan
December 10th, 2016Paro, Bhutan