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A long-awaited road trip through the Alps gone wrong: instead of moving from Switzerland into Italy and back to Germany through Austria we good flooded in Switzerland and had to abort the whole thing... :(
In the middle of our second night we were woken up by the most horrible alarm I have ever heard so far. It wasn't just like an ordinary alarm, it made your hairs stand up because it sounded so awful! We were pretty shocked and thought it was a fire in the hotel. We went down to reception to find that other guests were also investigating the situation. The receptionist was very nervous and seemed a bit shaken because he had feared the same thing, but told us that he had learned it was in fact a flood alarm. It was for the fire brigade, intended to inform them that the lower parts of the city needed to be evacuated. Our hotel was in the upper parts, high up, but we were concerned about our car, which was parked 5 levels underground in a lower part of Bern. But according to the receptionist that carpark didn't usually flood at all so we hoped it would be ok.

We had checked the weather forecast online the evening before and it told us there was an orange alert severe weather warning for the region we were in. Apparently that meant that the event happened about once every 1-3 years... just our luck to pick those days! The entire alpine region seemed to have cloud and severe rain for the entire time we had planned to be there, no matter where we looked. We thought about changing our plans and going to the south of France but the closest place without bad weather was Marseille. As we had been in that area 3 years in a row (have a look at my Provence blog) we didn't want to drive such a long distance to do it again and decided to simply go back to my parents' place in Frankfurt to save on accommodation and take a few day trips from there. We were really down about that! But before we could leave I had to have a look at the bears of Bern - in the "bear pit" in the middle of town. The mascots of Bern, that was something I was not prepared to miss because of the weather.

The trip back was just as bad as the day before in Interlaken with appaling visibility on the motorway. At least we were stuck in a traffic jam for a good part of it, so there was no danger of having a mass crash because of it ;-) The trip didn't seem like it would get much better anytime soon.
boxinbcn says:
This is great reading! Sorry you had such bad weather, but it sure makes for a great travel story! Steve
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
sylviandavid says:
what a great blog: I am thinking very very sunny thoughts for you! Thanks for sharing.... happy travels... sylvia
Posted on: Aug 21, 2007
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A long-awaited road trip through …
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