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It's been quite a while since I've last written a journal. This is largely because I've been dealing with finances, but also have been relaxed with my job and schedule. I can't say how fortunate I really am. I have no complaints about anything right now. I'm still going through a few financial things but nothing compare to what many people go through each day. I have the ability to travel anywhere which is something not everyone can do. So no matter what happens, I have to remember that I can't complain.

The last trip to New York was an interesting one. Not because of New York itself but because it was the first trip of the new year and I wanted to see how my attitude outlook would be. It was somewhat of a test. After the trip, I was a little disappointed. Mainly because I found that I still couldn't completely enjoy my trip because I was worried about finances. I was hoping that a little spark would ignite like how I went to Japan for the first time. There was so much that went in to that trip and so many things that happened prior that had build up. I'd like to say that nothing will top that feeling and experience but that's not right. It's all based on your outlook.

In order to ease my financial worries a little bit, I made a goal to attempt to work 400 for the month of February to knock some of my financial issues down. I didn't anywhere close to 400 though and only did 320. That was good enough at the time though. I managed to take care of few things financially but barely made a dent as a whole. My goal after that was to arrange my schedule to where I only work three days a week while still receiving my 40 hours. Unfortunately, due to a slip up and some confusion, in the middle of February I missed a shift. This caused my shift changning abilities to be restricted for one month. Which meant that I couldn't fly anywhere. I still could have if I wanted but since I was now restricted to a five day work schedule, two days isn't enough time to experience and explore somewhere and insure you make it back in time for work. March was mostly just a countdown month. Once April came and the restrictions were lifted, I was able to get the schedule that I had planned.

I wanted to travel internationally but those would be bigger trips. I decided to put those on hold. However, I don't want to keep them on hold for too long. I decided that there is so little I know about our own country. So I want to learn about it. I've heard many things, especially about back east of how people are completely different than California. Well, there are all kinds of people no matter where you go but some people have made it a point that it's a huge difference. Things like that had me curious. I had no clue where I wanted to go. Even after doing research on a few places.

I decided a good place to start would be somewhere in my own state. California.

DrewJ says:
I was hoping to visit each state before traveling internationally but that's not possible. So I decided to try as many places as I can before my two big international trips later this year.

I appreciate the offer. I was thinking of spending the night somewhere north and also camping out at a park to see the night sky. Not sure when I'm going to do that though.
Posted on: May 30, 2017
cotton_foam says:
That's true, Andrew! We have a wide and resplendent backyard so to speak! My family did that before we started exploring other countries. Yet even then, there are sooo much to see right here in our own country! Btw, if you plan to visit some of our national parks here in California, you are welcome to visit us and our home is surrounded by at least four of these picturesque parks!
Posted on: May 18, 2017
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