12 Bonnaroo 2007 Moments to Remember

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Heading home from Bonnaroo. It's been surreal.
Last night, Amanda and I finally returned, dusty and exhausted, from our first Bonnaroo experience. I'm willing to bet dollars to Deutschmarks that we'll be back again next year. While it's all still fresh in my head, though, here is a list of some of my more memorable Bonnaroo experiences from this year. More of these as I remember them (which is easier said than done). In no particular order, then:

12.) Waiting in traffic to get in on Thursday night, rocking out to LCD Soundsystem in a sea of hippies. The drive from the hotel we had stayed at to the festival site was a little complicated and, for some reason, I was convinced we were going to get arrested as we passed the police blocade and entered the festival grounds.

11.) Munching on beef jerky on the ferris wheel ride on Thursday night.
Franz Ferdinand, with Regina Spektor dancing, stage right.
Amanda was convinced that the ferris wheel was going to collapse, but I was more concerned with stuffing my face. Ahh... good times.

10.) Making our way through a crowd of 80,000 chanting people after The Police finished their set on Saturday. There were moments where I had no idea where we were or what we were trying to do there.

9.) Honestly believing that I would never see my car or our camp site again while watching The Roots on Friday. Thank God, I was wrong...

8.) Funnel cakes for breakfast on Sunday morning! After a long night, what better way to greet the day than with fried batter. Amanda dropped her fork in the mud, dusted it off and used it anyway. That'a girl!

7.) Naked people. Painted naked people at The Roots. Non-painted naked people playing/dancing in the mushroom fountain.
Chilling in our shoe box, aka tent.
Naked people in general. When you rock so hard that you lose your clothes, you know you've rocked too hard. Y'know, I've been to a lot of concerts in my day, but I've never been naked at a concert. I'd like to keep it that way.

6.) Amanda legitimately wanting to get into the mushroom fountain on Saturday night. Sadly, I was in no state to embark on such a journey. The regret still haunts me.

5.) Regina Spektor (off stage) jamming to Franz Ferdinand's set on Saturday. It's very cool to see artists and contemporaries get legitimately excited about one another's work.

4.) Rodrigo & Gabriela leading a sing along of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Oh, it was nice.

3.) Stumbling across a showing of La Dolce Vita at the Bonnaroo Cinema at 4am on Saturday morning. We over-exerted ourselves a bit on Friday and, after sleeping it off, got to enjoy a different side of 'Roo after the masses decided to call it a day.

2.) Being invited into the VIP section of the audience for The Police's set (keep in mind, we were not VIP ticket holders). We were mere feet away from Sting and the boys and had approximately 80,000 standing right behind us. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

1.) Being someone's embodiment of peace, love, and happiness. Amanda and I decided to take a little break on Friday afternoon. As we napped under a tree, a passerby commented, "That's beautiful." And it was.
schoenfaltern says:
hey! i just read your post from last year's bonnaroo...i went in 2006, it is an amazing experience! will you be attending this year?
Posted on: May 05, 2008
Ashley_L_Mack says:
:) Nice...Hope to see you guys this year. This is my first year, and I so can't wait to have all kinds of stories of my own to share.
Posted on: Mar 14, 2008
Eric says:
Yea I know what you mean, just gotta wait for the next trip! ;)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2007
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Heading home from Bonnaroo. Its b…
Heading home from Bonnaroo. It's …
Franz Ferdinand, with Regina Spekt…
Franz Ferdinand, with Regina Spek…
Chilling in our shoe box, aka tent.
Chilling in our shoe box, aka tent.
The long road to rock n roll blis…
The long road to rock 'n roll bli…
The Police.
The Police.
Sun-burnt, tired, and yet still re…
Sun-burnt, tired, and yet still r…
En route to Roo. Were all smiles.
En route to Roo. We're all smiles.
See... all smiles.
See... all smiles.
The Roots. Mere hours before we ra…
The Roots. Mere hours before we r…
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