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The Summary

The Holy Land! How diverse it is for a country so tiny! Within minutes of glitzy Tel Aviv with incredible nightlife and Manhattan style skyscrapers, I was transported below sea level to the arid Dead Sea, and from there to the sacred places where Jesus was born, crucified and where the waters parted for him. Add to this, the Shabbat meals, the Muslim bazaars and the omnipresent Jewish culture. Shalom vacation indeed!

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November 8th, 2016Herzliya, Israel
November 9th, 2016Herzliya, Israel
November 10th, 2016Herzliya, Israel
November 11th, 2016Jerusalem, Israel
November 11th, 2016Herzliya, Israel
November 12th, 2016Masada, Israel
November 12th, 2016Dead Sea, Israel
November 15th, 2016Herzliya, Israel
November 17th, 2016Nazareth, Israel
November 17th, 2016Capernaum, Israel
November 17th, 2016Kinneret, Israel
November 17th, 2016Galilee, Israel
November 18th, 2016Tel Aviv, Israel
November 19th, 2016Jericho, Israel
November 19th, 2016Bethlehem, Israel
November 20th, 2016Tel Aviv, Israel