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TravBuddies in the oh-so-flattering flourescent lighting of a parking garage...

After cupcakes at The Cupcake Shoppe (my favorite cupcake is the Crummie, which is chocolate cake with cookies n cream frosting -- heaven!) we got brunch at Wish.  Their bellini was good, though I've had better.  I shopped at Mango and Zara, but unfortunately (or maybe I should say fortunately), I didn't find anything that I liked at either one.  How disappointing!  I'll just wait until I'm in Spain in November...I always manage to do my best shopping in Spain!

I must have had Alzheimer's on this trip because I can't remember the name of the restaurant where we ate dinner, but it was in Wellesley.  I had this drink called B*tch Slap and it was sour raspberry, sour apple, melon liqueur, and cranberry juice.
With Heather and one of our new friends Paul-Adam (thanks Heather)
  The drink tasted like Jolly Rancher candy, so needless to say, my drink was finished very quickly.  I wanted another B*tch Slap, but I knew we would be drinking later, so decided it would be bad idea.  If you ever find this place, I highly recommend the B*tch Slap!  Saturday nights are "Best A**" nights  there, so that might make it easy to find.  The restaurant has a large outdoor patio/seating and most of the waiters are dressed in drag.  So it's a little hard to miss :-D

We made plans to meet up with Heather later that night.  I know Heather (hdichter) from TravBuddy and it was cool to finally meet!!!  I told Ngoc, "I know it's going to sound TOTALLY weird, but I've never met this girl Heather before in my life, we just know each other from a travel website.
With Heather and one of our new friends Paul-Adam (thanks Heather)
..and we're going out for drinks tonight...want to come?!"

So we finally meet Heather and I immediately liked her.  She was nice, normal, and she was wearing these amazing Prada wedge sandals!  We go to Hemingway's, a great rooftop patio/bar.  It was a lot of fun.  After awhile, we ended up talking to these Irish guys.  I don't even remember their names, and I could barely understand them because of their accents.   But come on, what girl doesn't love an Irish accent?!   One of the guys was practically slurring, but I couldn't tell if that's his normal voice or if it was the booze talking.   Anyway, they ended up introducing us to these other people they just met.  By the end of the night, our group was a bunch of people who just met that night.  Good times.  One of the girls had worked in Beijing, so she gave me the name/address of her favorite tailor there, as well as the neighborhood where all the ex-pats hung out in Beijing.  So at least I have SOME sort of plan while I am there, ha ha.  I'm STILL waiting to hear back about my Olympic tickets!   I noticed that Hemingway's had WAY more guys there than was practically all guys...not that we were complaining.  It's just that in Manhattan, I'm used to it being the other way around at bars...more girls than guys!  God bless Toronto :-)

Oh, at Hemingway's, the floor of the patio is wood and my high heel kept slipping through the cracks!  My heels were really beat up by the end of the if you're wearing shoes with thin heels, be careful...but other than that, I have no complaints about the place!  Thanks, Heather :-)

The bar was closing, so we decided to end our night there...Heather and I took a picture together, but we totally should've taken it at the beginning of the night.  After drinking and being in a bar for 6 hours, no one looks presentable, especially at 2:30am!  Yikes!!! Therefore, the pictures will NOT be posted here to protect the innocent :-D  However, one of the Irish guys (with his "I Have A Large One" shirt ha ha) was smitten with Heather and kept taking pictures of her, so maybe those will turn up on the internet somewhere :-) 

Edited: Okay, I lied.  I'm going to upload a few of the photos anyway.  I'm so glad that Heather and I got the chance to meet in person, and it's all thanks to TravBuddy :-)   I'm know that I'll see her again in Vancouver 2010 for the Winter Olympics, but hopefully we'll see each other again before that!! 
jteddyb says:
Hey Rachel, Heather referred me to your blog. Sounds like fun times. You two are now like walking testimonials for TravBuddy!
Posted on: Sep 13, 2007
hdichter says:
His name was Paul.... Paul Adam something-or-other. he was funny.
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007
tvillingmarit says:
Yes, it is nice to meet a Travbuddy, I have experiensed the same, Melanie visited Trondheim and I met her for 3,5 houers. Never seen her before, just chatted on Travbuddy, reading eachothers blogs. But what a great experience, I`m so glad I had the oppertunity.
Posted on: Sep 10, 2007
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TravBuddies in the oh-so-flatterin…
TravBuddies in the oh-so-flatteri…
With Heather and one of our new fr…
With Heather and one of our new f…
With Heather and one of our new fr…
With Heather and one of our new f…
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