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My first split-trip blog! This trip is a compilation of market and Cathedral towns in a two hour train radius of London in both November and December. Despite the rather chilly weather and very early sunset, there was bountiful crisp sunshine that provided me many a photo op. But it was the beauty of the towns themselves. Many pride on being summer retreats so late autumn (early winter) meant I had the towns to myself!

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November 3rd, 2016London, England
November 4th, 2016London, England
November 5th, 2016London, England
November 5th, 2016Amersham, England
November 6th, 2016Corfe Castle, United Kingdom
November 6th, 2016Swanage, England
November 7th, 2016Lavenham, England
November 7th, 2016Bury St. Edmunds, England
November 8th, 2016London, England
December 16th, 2016London, England
December 17th, 2016London, England
December 18th, 2016London, England
December 19th, 2016London, England
December 26th, 2016London, England
December 27th, 2016London, England