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It’s always the same when it comes to flying isn’t it?  Generally an early start, and a race around for passports and essentials, the final check, and inevitable worry that you’ve forgotten something as you depart.  Well, that was how it happened.  A 08.05 flight from Luton, meant a 3am start of the day, and minimal sleep.  With bags packed the previous night, and everything set up as best it could be, we targeted a 6am arrival at Luton airport, and left the house at just after 3:30am for the two hour drive.  A few road works later, and fifty mile restriction limits, curbed our enthusiasm, and increased the anxiety levels a fair amount, however, we did reach the airport parking, and check-in desk with time to spare.  A few pages of book to read later, and I was asleep on the plane journey bound for Catania. 

We arrived without too much going wrong, and the weather was beautiful.  We immediately set about working on how to get to Noto in the south of the island.  We had it in our heads that everything would be tailor made for tourism, and it would be as simple as just turning up, and going from there.  We had a place booked, and an address, and then found the bus, but it would be another two hour wait.  Well, as we were now in Italy, with the pressure off, it was time for a pizza brunch anyway.  We found a great place in the airport, and I was content to begin on my first rounds of Birra Moretti.  We relaxed until the bus came, and just over an hour later, we arrived in Noto.

On departing the bus, in an absolutely unfamiliar city , we began bridging the communication barriers with the locals, who struggled with very broken English.  Their Spanish was better, and with my broken Spanish, we managed to find a taxi of sorts (there’s only a few taxis in the town, so generally you have to rely on the locals, and pray you get a decent price).  We now faced a problem of the ‘taxi’ having no idea where to go, and attempting to take us somewhere else, possibly to a friend’s place instead.  We did find the roads eventually though, and there were dirt roads, and generally one lane traffic.  It was an interesting start, but we got there.  It was slap bang in the middle of nowhere.  Very pretty, but very isolated, and we had no way of getting around.  It was a stunning place to stay though, and the hosts were amazing.  I agreed to give it the first night, and take it from there.  We enjoyed a beer or tow by the pool, and played a few games whilst we worked out what we would do.  As we had no food, and with there being no restaurants, our hosts drove us to a nearby supermarket where we could stock up for the evening, and rent a car the next day. 

For the evening, we drank some wine, and played some more of the multiple games on offer.  I really was a lot of basic things that made you have social fun.  There were others staying in the complex, but they had all ventured out, and so it was just the two of us, left to enjoy the facilities, which we managed to destroy.  Dora had cooked on the hobs, with the protective, glass shield on the flames.  Of course it shattered, and we spent a lot of time cleaning up.  All in all, a jinxed day, but we were on holiday at least.

delsol67 says:
well done
Posted on: Nov 30, 2016
matthew says:
Thank you both. Very kind comments
Posted on: Nov 30, 2016
simsing says:
Congrats on the feature, Matthew!
Btw, I am big fan of your writing!
Posted on: Nov 28, 2016
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