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Have begun to feel like this is my home now and i've settled into the orphanage work really quickly. I'm slowly becoming attached to Mercy and she fell asleep in my arms on Tuesday. I can't leave the room now or she will cry and cry until i pick her up and carry her around with me for the whole day! At least its an excuse to get out of all the washing that we have to do every morning. Prince and i have had some more bonding time as he lay on my back for a good 20minutes jumping on me as if i'm a climbing frame!! Although i'm having to be careful seeing as he doesn't wear a nappy and isn't potty trained!!! Everyday i spend at the orphanage i become more and more attached to the kids and know that i'm going to find it really hard when i leave. It only really just hit me though that we're nearly half way through our time here already!!

Have been feeling really exhausted this week for some reason, i'm going to blame it on the malaria tablets and the heat!! But i'm pretty sure ots working with so many kids who all want to play 'duck...duck...goose!' 24/7. We've had a new volunteer come to the orphanage so the washing has been getting easier for us to do and it then gives us more time with the children in the afternoon. I'm struggling with the food at lunch, Sima is not the most pleasant thing to eat and eating with your fingers after you've been washing poo from the terry clothes isn't the most apealling!

On Thursday we went into town again to meet the new volunteers who arrived today. It's weird to think that last week that was us and now we're the ones telling all the new people what to do and how to do things.

Friday brought the rain and Laura's stomach bug! It had to be one of us and luckily it wasn't me! The day at the orphanage was rather hectic as we were done one in our team. Had lots of visitors who came from England and dropped off a load of presents for the kids. It was so nice to see the children so excited but i felt a bit of animosity towards the family as it was almost as of they were doing it just to get rid of their guilt! I suppose i can't really criticse them though as they did think of the children and came to visit them, i'm just over protective of all of them. Danielle the new volunteer who's with 'Inspire' is hilarious. I'm really glad she came to this orphanage as all three of us get on with her so well.

We are off on safari tomorrow! So hopefully we will see lots of animals!
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photo by: easyjobrob