Safari at Tsavo East National Park, Voi Gate

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Woke up early to go on safari. Got picked up bu Jeri who was late as most Africans are as they all go by African timing!! Went to pick up the Abbie, Harriet and Vicky who were also coming with Pippa, Laura and I. After a 3hour drive we arrived at the campsite and had a quick bite to eat before we set off into the park for our first safari of the weekend.

As we trundeled along the red soil track we came across many animals. We saw a tonne of elephants including one that charged at us as we sat on the side of the road waiting for the herd to cross the road. Four lionesses, one stalking its prey and the others just lying on the floor having a quiet nap. We also so lots of giraffe, zebra and a lot of little dik-diks.

Went back to the campsite as the sun was setting and sat around the campfire talking to the locals on the role of women!! They couldn't quite understand that i wasn't married yet and were rather excited about the fact that they wouldn't have to pay a dowry if they married an english woman. Had a lovely supper although there was a slight overload on carbs, pasta, rice and potatoes in one meal is slightly over doing it! All the same it was a lovely evening looking at the stars around the fire and generally having some bonding time with all the new volunteers.

Woken up early the next morning after a bad nights sleep in the freezing cold, so we could head out to see more animals. As we drove to the park gate the sun rose over the park spreading a red light all over the lands. It was so beautiful!! We didn't see much more on the wildlife side apart from a few more elephants and zebra. But we did see a buffalo. who got rather angry with the noisy Americans in the front. Once they had driven on he got back to his daily routine of washing in the watering hole and this was really exciting to see. After some rather orange zebras which looked more like tigers we headed back to the campsite for a well earned breakfast where we all consummed far to much food!!

We left the park after lunch and a WARM shower that actually worked and headed back to Mombasa. We had nearly arrived when we hit the biggest traffic jam i've seen with matatus and trucks and cars facing in all directions! People walking the road whilst others just sat and hooted the people in front of them! At one point a bus very nearly got stuck between a lorry and the side of the road and looked sure to tip over!!! Luckily it didn't as otherwise we would have been stuck for even longer and needing the loo on bumby roads is not pleasant as we all found out after the long wait behind the bus!!

Got back to a warm welcome from the family who are becoming more and more like my adopted family. Its so nice to come back to the house and now that you've been missed by them. Although rice and beef stew are beginning to get a bit repeatative as we have it with them for supper everyday. Luckily though today we had pasta and beef stew! What a variation, at least it's not Sima!!!

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photo by: Baosafari