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Beginning next week we really need to get down to business shopping for a car and apartment hunting, so we figured this weekend was a unique time to go exploring as many of the close by European countries that we could. Our original thought was actually to go to Salzburg, Austira on multiple recommendations from many sources (Tom Mulhorn, Rick Steves, the Trapp family and Disney through the movie, etc.) However, we called most every cheap place to stay in Rick Steve's book only to find that the whole city was booked up. This is high season for European travelers and high season for Salzburg in particular, so I suppose we shouldn't have been so ambitious.

So with Salzburg nixed, we moved on to plan B, using our starwood points to get us a cheap hotel anywhere else interesting.
First we tried a hotel in the German Alps just south of Munich... Booked. Then we tried Switzerland... No cheap points hotels there at all, so then we tried Austria and found this hotel in Dornbirn, Austria for a great points deal, so that settled it.

Just for the fun of it we decided to make a side trip to Füssen/Schwangau on our way down to our hotel. On the way we stopped at a charming little hotel/Gaststätte close by to Füssen. You'll see pictures of our food in our photos. I had Hirschragout mit Kroketten, Salat und Preiselbeeren. Eric had Schweinerahmbraten mit Spätzle, Salat und Preiselbeeren. Eric, as usual, wasn't a big fan of the salad, so I ate mine and most of his. The main dishes were good. I was a bit surprised by the Kroketten. I'm not sure what I expected it to be, but they looked like Mozzarella sticks, but were actually mashed potatoes inside.

A guy at the table next to us saw us taking pictures of our food and offered to take our picture, which was nice of him, but it made us a bit too nervous to then take better pictures of our main dishes. When he left the resturant he handed us a flyer (in German) that we took. I thought perhaps as he was aparently ending his vacation in the area today that he was passing along some travel info to us, but infact it looks like some kind of a German pyramid scheme type thing. We didn't want to leave it at the table so the waitress though we left it for her, so we took it along to dispose of it later.

After lunch, we were then off to Füssen. The day on the whole has been very rainy and overcast, but I think it reached it's zenith while we were in Schwangau, the home of the famous Neuschwanstein castle.
The dairy. It wasn't really in Füssn, but it was on the way there.
We have seen it before, so were not too disappointed in the conditions. Rather, it made us thankful that when we were here in 2003 that we had such lovely weather. The place was packed with tourists that were braving the weather. I hope this wasn't their only chance to see the castles. However, when you could see the castle though the mist, it did look rather cool. Due to the bad weather, we decided not to pay to park, but just to take a few quick photos and headed on out on to Austria.

On our way out of Füssen, we were a bit sad to see that our new GPS took us back exactly the way we had come in so the Füssen sidetrip was just that a side trip and not quite as on the way as we had thought. We passed back by our lunch place Wiesbauer and then by a dairy I had seen on the way in. We stopped at the dairy and bought some Bergkäse for our dinner.

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The dairy. It wasnt really in Fü…
The dairy. It wasn't really in F…
Bergkäse purchased from a store t…
Bergkäse purchased from a store …
Schangau with Neuschwanstein thoug…
Schangau with Neuschwanstein thou…
Neuschwanstein though the mist.
Neuschwanstein though the mist.
Wheres the castle?
Where's the castle?
photo by: vagabond07