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We've been here now three weeks and we are still enjoying the adventure that is living in Ulm Germany. Here's a few
highlights/lowlights from the past two weeks:

Best meal: A "BBQ" at a coworkers house. He invited our team (about 5 people and significant others) to his house for appetizers of dates wrapped in bacon, followed by pork chops from the grill. The meat was accompanied by a few normal salads and a hard cheese, that after a few minutes on the grill tasted like a wonderful Mexican "queso fundido."

False German Stereotype of the week: "All Germans are punctual." We arrived at the dinner this week about 5 minutes late and we were the first to arrive. Most arrived 20-30 minutes late (as expected for an event like this I guess). Live and learn... I guess it all depends on the place, event and who else is coming.

German Challenge of the week: Germany seems to have multiple cities by the same name spread all around the country. Today we spend more then an hour looking for cars online at a dealership we thought was 20 minutes away only to find out it was 6 hours away... not the convenient afternoon drive we thought.

Other notable mistake of the week: We brought the Wii with us in our suitcases to have during the first three months (before the rest of our stuff arrives by boat). Unfortunately our newer/better voltage converters are on the boat. So we tried to plug the Wii into the smaller converters we've been using for other appliances. With all the ratings of the devices it looks like it should work... well... (and here's the mistake) I plugged it in and the whole apartment went black. After a bit of investigation we discovered we had blown a fuse and probably ruined the power supply of the Wii. It looks like theculprit was a faulty power converter. So now the task begins to try to revive the Wii by finding a new power supply.

Wild goose chase of the week: On the recommendation of some new friends here in Ulm we drove to what is suppose to be a bilingual church about 20 minutes south of here. We arrived at the designated time... but the address was a residential area that didn't look too promising. Next week we'll have to call and make a few arrangements before we start to drive :). Fortunately Scott's New Valley sermons are online to keep us well "fed" and in touch with Arizona.

Work has been enjoyable and challenging, we're both healthy, German lessons are slow but steady and we are official German residents with the paperwork in our passports to show for it.

That's about it for now... we miss you all.
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photo by: Ann_Hells