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If we had sat down last week to make a to-do list it probably woudn't have looked like this...

a) Work long hours during the week and on Saturday.
b) Call USAA to check on our paperwork and find out they hadn't sent the paperwork at all (and some of the paperwork was sent to Colorado Springs).
c) Pick up our car from the dealer (well.. this was on last weekslist too)
d) Attend a heretical church service

First came work... we have a Monday deadline for a project we're working on and we've made very little progress this week. Unfortunately this meant my boss asked 3 of us to come in on Saturdayto see if we could make a bit more progress before Monday. We did get a few things clarified, but still have more work left for this coming week. One good thing... this was the first Saturday either of the other two guys had ever worked, so this says something encouraging about the German work schedule. We won't be making a habit of this.

Then came figuring out our car stuff. We are getting our insurance through USAA in the US so have had to jump through a few extra hoops to get the car, but since they speak English and have good rates, it's worth the trouble. So finally, on Friday afternoon we picked up our "new" VW Golf!

Then on to the church. A few weeks ago we had tried to find a church about 20 minutes south of here that has an English speaking pastor. Our first attempt at finding the church failed... but today after a bit wondering around we drove up to a industrial looking building with what turned out to be a church with about 100 people. The pastor is from England, but the church is German. So the sermon is translated. We had high hopes thinking this would help us get connected and give us some German language help as well. The service started at 9:30... we finally walked out on the service a little after noon, we're not sure when it officially finished. It was the clearest presentation of the health and wealth gospel we've ever heard. The singing part of the service wasn't too bad (all in German), but when the preacher started talking April and I were in shock. The gist of the message was that God wants to bring good things to people, but if we don't have enough faith he can't work in our lives. Some people say this just refers to grace and joy, but he said this also refers to health and money. We just need to be expectant to what God is going to do. "Some people in the church have been praying, and praying, and praying for things... God doesn't require our prayer, he requires our faith to release the good gifts he yearns to give us." During the service we went from curiosity about what he was going to say, to frustration about his teaching to concern for the people in the church. Near the end it just got to be too much for us to continue to sit through. We will be praying for those who are caught up in the midst of this church. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to search for a church.

So, we have completed our to-do list for this past week. Hopefully next will be more productive. All-in-all we're doing well... but this has been a full week. :)

We love you all,
Eric (and April)
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photo by: Ann_Hells