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It's hard to believe we've been in Germany for just over a week. In a good way, it seems like longer.

We arrived on Saturday and the weekend started a bit crazy with the loss of our luggage. Fortunately they found it, sent it to Munich... then to Stuttgart... and finally down here to Ulm on Monday afternoon. We also managed to get 2 parking tickets in the first 48 hours. The first was for parking at a Museum where our landlord had told us to park. The second was for parking in the designated parking area for the apartment complex... but because the parking office wasn't open on the weekend, we couldn't get our permit until Monday. Irronically we got our ticket on Monday morning at almost the exact same time we were paying our 30 EU for the parking permit. The relocation assistent is helping see if we can get the two tickets canceled, we'll see how the German beauocracy works on things like this. It reminds me on the parking ticket we got at ASU while being delayed as we bought something at the computer store two weeks before we left... anyway... different country, same problems. :)

I also started work this week and have felt welcomed. The first couple days I was just getting acquainted with people and doing some reading... but by Friday I started doing a little "real" work and I have a couple assignments that have me jumping in with both feet. It's been a good start.

April has been working on her German during the day and on getting things around the apartment in order. She also went out one day with the relocation coordinator to start getting some questions on the car and apartment search answered (that process will start soon). Most evenings we've gone exploring. A few days we've just gone for a nice walk into the city (~ 10 minutes down the Danube river) where we've discovered a little ice cream shop (one of the few things that is cheeper in Germany than in the States). The other nights we've been a bit more adventurous and headed out to exotic locations such as Ikea and about 4 different grocery stores. We've very slowly been stocking our kitchen, although we realized tonight we still don't have salt and pepper... a disappointment as eggs just aren't the same without a little seasoning.

Through some friends of my grandparents, and about 4 "degrees of separation" we had gotten the name of a couple here in Ulm that use to work with the Navigators. Yesterday we gave them a call and they invited us over for coffee. Next thing we knew we had finished up a few small cakes and we were on our way to a youth rally at their Church. The service, which was mostly in German with a few English songs (and I think the two rap songs were in English), was attended by about 100 teens and intermixed older people (including us). From what we're told, although the spiritual climate in Germany is pretty cold, there are pockets of exciting growth and energy. We'll probably be back to this church at some point.... after we can do a bit more then just count to 10 in German.

It's been a busy first week, but we certainly have missed all of you in the States and we think of you often.

We'll do our best to keep in touch!
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photo by: Ann_Hells