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I am all sore this morning from the gym last night. On the plus side, I've finally worked off the "American pounds" I added when I moved here. Now for the Australian ones...

American innovations

1859 - Nathan Ames from Massachusetts patents the first escalator, now the US has more than 30 000 escalators and 90 billion riders each year.
1983 - Lanny Potts from Oklahoma invents the StairMaster5000, so people can drive to the gym and work off the calories they gained from riding on escalators for the previous 124 years.

1957 - Richard Marshall from Illinois discovers the chemical reaction to produce high fructose corn syrup, the average American now consumed 28.4 kg (63 pounds) of high fructose corn syrup every year.
1997 - Karen Miller-Kovach from New York invents the Weight-Watchers formula to allow Americans to count the extra pounds they have put on from 40 years of eating high fructose corn syrup.
Adrian_Liston says:
I don't even want to think of house much diet soda I drink. Oh, and there is another one - we call it "soft drink" not soda or pop.
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
thenewextrememimi says:
I drink *diet* soda, so I only consume 12 pounds of HFCS a year. However, that also means I consume about 228 pounds aspartame a year, which is well known to cause cancer in lab rats. Mmmmm.... phenolketonurics....
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
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