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After the 5 1/2 hour long journey by bus I finally arrive with a generous amount of clothes in my ruck sack. I then had to go find Gigi who needed some assistance in finding her way out of Piccadilly Station. We both walked to our hotel looking like tourists with the extra crammed bags. Finally found our home for the next two days, sat and chatted for a few hours while I taught her my native lingo for one simple reason, after I'd had a few I didn't want her to be 'what the fuck is she saying'. Surprising enough I had that girl from LA talking like a 'Geordie'.
Fast forward, we're not even half way through our first pint while chilling outside on Canal St, we had some of the locals entertaining us with their stories and history of the city and escorting us to some of the bars, yep we had our own tour guides.
A couple of bars later we arrive at Cruz 101 nightclub, a place mainly for men, however they let the odd woman or two in. Since the no smoking ban is in place in all bars/clubs now, I found myself in the car park which was directly across from the club a number of times that night. A guarantee came with that though, you were never alone, and I lost count at the amount of times a new face came up to me for a chat.
So after a three way kiss with a straight woman and a gay guy (why is it the best kissers are the ones you can't have!) I found myself laughing more and more as the night turned into day. I hear a voice informing people that X factors Rowetta (Happy Mondays backing singer, Whoop De shit) is walking up the street, and my friend and two others go running in her direction.
I stayed back for one reason, I don't like to associate myself with false/plastic people, but then decided to go see what the crack was, turned out to be quite funny in the end, especially when the lady in question told some Canadian chick it was rude to whisper, and said 'us British wouldn't do such a thing' then linked arms with another girl and began walking her up the road, so I decided to shout ' She's American'......came and got me instead which felt like all an act. Who the fuck did she think she was. Did she win X factor? Did she fuck. And even if she had, double fuck.
We continued to sit over from the club, laughing, laughing and laughing some more, deciding to go our separate ways shortly after 7am.
After only 2 hrs sleep I was up and ready to venture out into the city, brunch, shopping, a little sight seeing, a bar, and back to the hotel getting ready to go again. Met up with a few peeps we had met the previous night and hit a couple of bars. I couldn't get over the amount of people that lined Canal street that night, easily a few thousand, and every bar was full up.
Cruz 101, food and a stroll back to the hotel.
Finished packing that morning then with that bleedy heavy bag, signed out of the hotel room and went and sat on that famous street one last time. It's Sunday afternoon, the sun is out and it's packed once again. I begin to get that feeling that I don't want to leave. Within two days, I find that I really like this city, it's diversity, it's acceptance to people who aren't the 'norm'.
What I also found is, I've left so much out, there's just somethings you can't put down in words.
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photo by: klaaRA