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We arrived at Day's Inn last night --supposedly our lodging for two nights.  The reception lobby alone, I can already tell that this hotel is a horrible, bad choice!  I can't believe the management is not doing anything to upgrade the property while receiving a horrendous RTI!  As I said, we're supposed to stay here for two evenings, but as soon as I got inside our room, I logged on to cancel my reservation for the next night.  I did not care anymore if they'll charge me for the second night as it already passed the cutoff time for free cancellation.  This hotel is plain distressing!  Pulizzz, do not stay here.  Later at bedtime, I was tossing and turning due to non-stop itch all over me.  For the love of Pete, I couldn't wait to check out from this dingy, dirty motel!  Anyhow, at 5:00 a.

m. I arose from bed and got ready for my trip to the Tidal Basin.

As soon as I was ready, I headed out towards the reception desk to ask if they could call a taxi for me.  Taxi fares are not that pricey so; there is no need to stress in navigating the metro in DC.  The guy at the reception desk is friendly, but still, that does not compensate the negative aspects of this hotel!  He booked me a taxi that picks me up at 6:45 a.m.  My meeting is at 7:00 a.m. so that will give me ample time for some breakfast.  And while I wait for the hall to open, I wondered if their brekky offers will compensate the ugly sides.  Well, the food itself and the variations were okay.  Not the best thing ever, but good enough I would say.

  Even then, I don't think my perspective of this hotel will ever change.  Not until they renovate and make an upgrade of their property!  And to at least make ("sulit" or) well worth the cost to what I paid for, I packed a bag of some food for Walter!
Riding the taxi, this time, I had a good conversation with the cab driver, and I said that he looks like a lawyer to me.  That was when he began telling stories about his memorable experiences as a taxi driver.  He also mentioned that at one point, he had the chance or opportunity of driving for the late President Raegan and his friends.  Should I believe him?  ^.^   He dropped me off at the Jefferson's Memorial and before he took off, I handed him his fee plus tip!  Btw, the Thomas Jefferson's Memorial is at the southern tip of the Tidal Basin, and a walking distance away to several other monuments and museums.

It was still early, and the temperature is yet partial roasting, but already an off the scale humidity.  Thanks to the lush big trees surrounding the monument, which made the entire vicinity shady and cooler.  It is reticent there too in the early time of the day, and the only sound I heard were the soft and melodious tweetings of birds!  I thought how conducive this area is for some "me-time" and personal reflections or "we-time" with your significant other.  Sauntering toward the front of the memorial and nestling on the steps provided me views of the basin on the foreground and the tall, tooth-pick like Washington Monument on the horizon.  Not to mention the vast open sky that looks beautiful, and I can spend several hours here sitting and admiring the view, but during milder seasons, of course! 

By the way, if I haven't mentioned yet, I was there to meet up with TB Walter (WalterC) for the second time.

  Yes, I have met Walter before in Los Angeles, and this time, we'll have the opportunity to walk along the basin and explore some of the monuments together.  I was concern that I did not coordinate well with Walter, so, I gave him a ring and left a message.  He returned my call, and right so, he was at the Washington Monument while I was at the Jefferson's Memorial.  He said that he would be at where I am in a few minutes, and I told him not to rush, but just take time. 

While waiting for Walter, I climb the circular marble stairs toward the memorial interior, and that's when I appreciate the immensity of this structure.  Btw, I am a fan of trivia, so let me share a few interesting but fascinating facts about Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the country.

  Did you know that besides being an author and a political figure of his time, he was also a farmer?  Not only that, but he was also an innovator and inventor; two of his inventions were a cloth hanger and the plow!  Yes, it's funny, right?  But of course, there were more significant inventions like the cipher machine!  Also, Thomas Jefferson was an amateur architect; he designed his home, the Monticello. 

As I was saying, I went to check the interior but, before that, the marble stairs are very noticeable.  According to what I've read, these marbles quarried from the state of Vermont has a significance or symbolism for that.  Vermont is one of the northern boundaries of the original 13 colonies.  I reached the entrance to the main hall, but standing and stopping in the center and when I turned around 180 degrees, the Tidal Basin and the Washington Monument were viewed even more impressive from this vantage point.

  Then I entered the main memorial chamber, and I was all the more astounded by its towering height that I felt even tinier while standing in the middle!  There are four entrances to the memorial chamber.  Each entrance has four Ionic columns and massive walls.  The Southwest panel, which is the first partition that most visitors lay eyes on, is comprised of a famous excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.  Besides the tablet inscription of the Declaration of Independence, there are other inscriptions, but the excerpt from the Statue of Religious Freedom is quite touching.  In the center of the hall is of course, the very tall bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson who look even more dignified.  Interestingly, his cloak is an "attention-getter," and according to a commentary, his dear friend Polish Thaddeus Kosciuszko, a freedom fighter himself, gave it to Jefferson.

After taking some photos, I walked back down to the stairs, and then Walter was already there.  We sat for a while, and I handed him also the bag of brekkie goodies before climbing back to the memorial chamber.  It was good to see Walter again, and I was so glad we've spent alongside almost the entire morning exploring a couple more of the memorial sites.  As far as the places we visited together; I think Walter will write reviews for those.  Please, check Walter's page (WalterC;) he is far better in writing reviews for monuments and historical sites!  So, we just kept walking around till our knees and feet shake so to speak.  I enjoyed the time when we took a break at one of the bus carts that sells cold drinks and snacks.

  They have tables and chairs there and sat while Walter and I talked a lot about our past travel experiences as well as our future travel plans.  Walter is such a very nice guy and I highly recommend him to those who are looking to travel with -- literally (and figuratively!  Aha!)  :))  Right after that break, we kept on visiting other memorials until we reached another interesting site where there is a water fountain in the middle.  I think this is a new added attraction to the entire tourist area.  This is where we parted ways also.  Walter continued his trip to the Washington Monument, while I called for a cab to bring me back to the hotel.  As soon as I got back to the hotel, we all got ready to checked out, but since lunch time was approaching, my son and I went to a pizza place that is just an opposite side of the hotel.
  We placed our order and then left as they will deliver our pizza door-to-door. 

Meanwhile, we had lunch in our room and then checked out of the hotel and moved to Courtyard Marriot in an area of Arlington called; Roslyn.  Luckily, Day's Inn Hotel did not charge me for the other night even though I made the cancellation on such short notice. Hayyss!  It was only the middle of the day, but I felt like it has already been a long one!  I did a lot of walking in the morning (coupled the humidity) that caused soreness not only my feet but my whole body; I could hardly move!  Thus, as soon as we entered our room in Marriot Hotel, I passed out!  ~

P.S.  Pictures will be posted later.  :))


cotton_foam says:
Jethanad: that's true...it's very bad...hotel owners do not care as long as they're making money...

Allie: yeah, and I'm very sensitive -- I feel it right away...
Posted on: Sep 04, 2016
jeminigirl says:
Eeeek - non stop itch =(
Posted on: Sep 01, 2016
jethanad says:
Enjoyed - yes, there are plenty of bad hotels in this area, simply because they can still fill the rooms. Labor is expensive, no doubt, but customer service is practically non-existent
Posted on: Aug 23, 2016
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