Hallo birdies

 By tj1777

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The Summary

Heading to Ecuador gives you a great opportunity to go and see lots and lots of birds taking the road down to Lima gives you the option to go explore some of the pre-Columbian ruins of the Americas.

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June 18th, 2016Quito, Ecuador
June 19th, 2016Quito, Ecuador
June 20th, 2016Quito, Ecuador
June 21st, 2016Mindo, Ecuador
June 22nd, 2016Mindo, Ecuador
June 22nd, 2016Quito, Ecuador
June 23rd, 2016Quito, Ecuador
June 23rd, 2016Baltra, Ecuador
June 23rd, 2016Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
June 24th, 2016Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
June 24th, 2016Los Gemelos, Ecuador
June 24th, 2016Lava tunnel, Ecuador
June 24th, 2016Rancho Primicias, Ecuador
June 24th, 2016Laguna de las Ninfas, Ecuador
June 25th, 2016Dive harbor on Santa Cruz, Ecuador