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Enjoyed a swim before falling sick in the evening

Goa was not good to me. I arrived in the afternoon at Goa Airport, so I quickly took a cab and headed to Dona Paula. Dona Paula was a wrong choice to stay at in the first place. There is nothing to do here for sure. I was confused when I first booked as Goa is relatively small compared to other states in India, however, the area is quite large to travel, so, if you’re vacationing here for a short time, you’ve got to choose among the northern or southern beach area. After I checked in at my hotel, I swam and relaxed by the hotel pool, got hungry so went outside to have dinner. I met two sweet Australian guys on the way to the restaurant so we sat together and enjoyed the meal.

A cow on the beach
The tragedy began as soon as I left back to my hotel. I started shivering and felt the sickness through every part of my body. I think it was FOOD POISONING! My fear came true. Everyone had warned me about food in India and possibility of getting sick. I survived Delhi, but fell in sick in Goa which was supposed to be a touristy area! The shrimp noodles was the only thing I had in that day. For the next three days, the only trips I did in Goa were from my bed to the bathroom. It was miserable that whatever I put in my mouth, had to be flushed out even if it was water. In the last day I got slightly better and pushed myself to get out of bed to at least see some parts of Goa before my flight in the early morning. I got out and walked in Dona Paula which had nothing, not even cabs. Luckily, a sweet local couple offered to drop me at Panjim.
The beach
I liked the city but it wasn’t my goal, so I took a cab to Calangute beach which was supposedly among the most famous in Goa. The beach was terrible. The water was very dark and murky, some people were swimming in their underwear and there were cows on the beach getting very close to the beachgoers! I spent a couple of hours in the sun because it made me feel better after three days in bed. I then walked around with the Australian guys who I coincidently met on the beach. We wanted to look for the Hard Rock Café but couldn’t find it and none of the locals knew where it was. Sadly, while walking, I had my sickness back, and I urgently needed to use the toilet but most of the shopkeepers refused to allow me to use it although I offered some money! One kind guy allowed for me to use his restaurant’s bathroom though. It was a tiring day and was not worth it. I went back from the beach to my hotel which took more than one hour. Overall, I do not recommend Goa for a vacation unless you care about drugs and partying. I was so happy that I got sick in Goa which was my last stop in India. I was so happy to fly back home to go back to my bed and "clean food".

spocklogic says:
Entry title says it all! Instead of Delhi Belly you got Goa Gut it would seem. Likely cause maybe was the shrimp.
Posted on: Oct 28, 2016
The-Jellyfish says:
hahahaha! This part of India was the worst. Madagascar was overall below expectations :/
Posted on: Oct 16, 2016
pANSY22 says:
Wooow! Your trip to India sounds like a nightmare. :-/ Has it been the worse than Madagascar?
Posted on: Oct 15, 2016
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Enjoyed a swim before falling sick…
Enjoyed a swim before falling sic…
A cow on the beach
A cow on the beach
The beach
The beach
A cow and a crow
A cow and a crow
Tried to kill some time by jogging…
Tried to kill some time by joggin…
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