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We watched 3 females and their 8 young cubs feeding on this buffalo in Selinda, Botswana.

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I just returned from our trip to Africa, what an amazing place!! I truly fell in love with this beautiful continent. We flew into JoBurg(that's what the locals call it), S.Africa and then went to Botswana on safari and then went to Zimbabwe and Zambia. The beauty is almost overwhelming!! I had so many new experiences on this trip and I feel almost changed in some ways. Safari was great!! I actually slept in tents with wild animals just outside my door. I saw lions eating a buffalo and a cheetah eating an impala. We were awakened at 6:oo am one morning by an elephant next to our tent knocking down a tree!! I got to see mother lions interacting with their adorable cubs and also observe lions hunting at night (pretty scary). I did a free fall from the Victoria Falls (like 360 ft!!). I got to ride on an African Elephant and also took a walk with lions!! I also met some amazing people on this trip. We met people from all over the world practically! We have exchanged information with a father and son from New York whom we will most likely visit with again, they were so nice! We stayed with Derek and Beverly Joubert who are Emmy award winning cinematographers and have made most of the nature movies people watch.  Also exchanged information with a cute couple from Itlay.. though I have to say the people from Botswana and from Zimbabwe were the best and we learned so much from them. We got to witness some of the poverty in these countries as well, particuarly in Zimbabwe and Zambia. People there really don't have much at all. I wasn't sure what to expect from this trip, I had only seen Africa in pictures and on tv, and most of the time it is seen in a negative way. I really hope that most of you reading this will one day get to experience a trip like ours. It is almost indescribable!!! The people of these countries really depend on tourism. I got to experience nature as I have never seen it before. I have come to truly appreciate how blessed in life I am and to be thankful. We are now hoping plan a trip to Uganda and to Kenya for the near future.  I am exhausted from our trip , we were woken up each morning for a 6:30 am game drive!! It was freezing in the mornings too, it was their winter season!!


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We watched 3 females and their 8 y…
We watched 3 females and their 8 …
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