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View from the patio deck outside my hostel room.

Shalom me'Yerushalayim!!!!

I hope i am spelling this correctly, but i think most in this distribution list won't notice. :-)

So i arrived in Jerusalem OK...the bus from Eilat drove north across the Negev which looked SO MUCH like the deserts of Arizona and California.

Then we drove along the western shore of the Dead Sea, past the sites of Masada and Qumran...then westward across Palestinian areas where you could see a number of Bedouin 'villages.' All the sites of the drive already overwhelmed me, then we could start to see the eastern parts of the capital...the most true 'City on the Hill' that exists in the world.

This was my room -rooftop at Jaffa Gate Hostel.
I did not even know what to think. It was too much. From the central bus station, I got a taxi to the Jaffa Gate where I rather quickly found my hostel...the Jaffa Gate hostel. I have my own room with shower, and windows of a fantastic view of the old city...toward Christian quarter.

Jerusalem is growing on me, only because I have to figure out what to think and is like a logjam of emotions and impressions. The city is SO clean, and remarkably peaceful. Even if you walk through the narrow alleys lined in every direction by sooks (market stalls) selling everything, it is peaceful.

I did walk from Jaffa Gate right through the edge of the Muslim the Kotel (Western Wall). Here I was overwhelmed...I washed my hands, put on my kippah and approached the wall to lean against it and give prayers.

View from rooftop patio.
..then to place prayers that were given to me by coworkers on little papers into the I walked away from the wall to a small concrete area to sit down I just broke down...I tried hard not to, because I did not want to be a cliche, but it just happened. I cried.

How do I feel now? Quiet. In thoughts. And now chatting it up with shop owners from the Jewish quarter where I had a pick-up espresso and did some shopping to the Arab and Armenian quarters...where shopkeepers are super friendly. I was a little apprehensive at first to realise that I am in Israel but in Muslim enclaves, but there is no apparent danger. Now I am much more relaxed about fact, this internet cafe i am in is in Muslim price in Israel too, I think. Oh, it's right by the 8th station of the cross on the via dolorosa.

The Kotel. The Western Wall of the Temple compound built by King Herod.
I want to ask the Christian pilgrims to keep it quiet out there, but maybe it's not a good idea.

I just wanted to write a little to say that the Jerusalem experience is something that I have not yet faced is humbling and uplifting, and yet sorrowful. How to explain it?

I mean, I believe that the Beit Ha-Mikdash (Temple) should be and will be restored on the original site, but now there is a nearly ancient mosque there. What sense does this make, how can it all be resolved?

As I saw members of Tz'hal (Israeli army) guarding areas in the Old City I was so tempted to thank them for the Paratroopers' liberating of the Old City in 1967...but these soldiers are so young. Also after doing the volunteer period with the Tzahal, I feel bonded to them. They returned that sentiment to me as well.

Currently, Haram al-Sharif occupies the top of Har Ha-Bayit. It is a Muslim shrine over the ground upon which Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Yitz'chak.
..and when you tell Israelis (Jewish or Muslim or Christian) that you did the Sar-El program, they personally thank you and praise what you did. It's hard to keep the right mindset that I did only the smallest gesture possible and not something that should be praised so much.

So tonight, after here I will head to this Middle Eastern (obviously) restaurant near Jaffa Gate that was recommended to me by a "Messianic Believer" lady that lives in a small home on the upper patio where my hostel room is. But there is also a Lebanese place just below me and the cooking smell is just amazing.

Tomorrow I plan to meet at Jaffa Gate and take a walking tour of the Old City...and then Tuesday I plan to venture out to other Ben Yehuda Street, go to museums. Or I may mix/match as I thing that many of us from the program realised was that here you should not make pre-set plans entirely...just go with the flow. Things work out and the most amazing surprises await you.

I wish I had the flexibility to stay longer here.

Hope you're all well...sorry for the general "to all" kind of emails. I am trying to write to as many people as possible when I am paying for internet usage time, and also I do spend some time to write personally to people who write me. If I forgot to answer anyone, please forgive me.

More later,



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View from the patio deck outside m…
View from the patio deck outside …
This was my room -rooftop at Jaffa…
This was my room -rooftop at Jaff…
View from rooftop patio.
View from rooftop patio.
The Kotel. The Western Wall of the…
The Kotel. The Western Wall of th…
Currently, Haram al-Sharif occupie…
Currently, Haram al-Sharif occupi…
The Kotel Plaza.
The Kotel Plaza.
Jerusalem is the eternal and indiv…
Jerusalem is the eternal and indi…
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