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View from Eilat Youth Hostel and Guest House across Gulf of Aqaba to Aqaba, Jordan.

Hi Everyone from Eilat!!!

So, the one day in Tel Aviv was fun...did a little shopping at the market -it is very intimidating at first, then you totally lose yourself in it. The prices are already so cheap so bargaining on them seems like robbery.

Then, we grabbed some coffee at a small cafe in Yafo, then with some hours to kill before the overnight bus to Eilat, we went to the beach in Tel Aviv...and watched the sunset over the Mediterranean just talking away.

Eventually it was time for Ruben and I to get our bags back from the volunteer hostel in Yafo, then take a Dan city bus to the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.

Those hotels roughly mark the border with Jordan.

There we STILL had 1 hour to kill before our Eilat bus at 00.30, so we played a game of chess. Someone took our pictures doing this, too. By the way, I lost the game but only with a hard fight.

So it was not just ONE bus that was going to Eilat at this time, it was more like 4 or 5..and all were crowded. And forget sleeping on the basically we were up all night (the bus was overly airconditioned and everyone was very loud)...and arrived in Eilat at 5am. We just looked at each other wondering just why we did this! So, we had a coffee at a cafe across from the bus station, then with all our bags just started wandering around the town to explore -after watching the sun set over the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv, to watch the sun RISE over the Red Sea at Eilat was kind of interesting.

Anyway, at 7am we found a place to have a bite to eat on the Tayelit (beach promenade).

Nice beach in Eilat.
..toast with cheese and veggie fillings...and after trying very hard to locate a tourise info ctr to get help finding a hostel, we just went by ourselves to the Eilat Guest House...and found a great deal...for just about $17 per person per night, we have comfortable beds in a room with its own shower...this is great news after the army base.

So we enjoyed some beach ...the Red Sea is cooler than the beach at Tel Aviv, but very, very clear. The air is dryer, and the landscape looks lot like Arizona.

You could see Aqaba, Jordan just across the water and a huge Jordanian flag flying. We rented a motorboat for one hour and putted around the Gulf of Aqaba with strict instructions not to proceed into Jordanian waters or we could have some problems. You think?!

In the evening we were dead tired...and barely put down a nice sit-down dinner, then crashed in bed for about 12 hours.

Looking toward Jordan.
We have three other roommates in the room. Two Israelis (Arnon and Asaf) and this Birmingham guy who lives with his wife in the Golan, and he motorbikes here every month for diving...what a character! Anyway he told us just where to go for snorkeling, and we decided this morning to foot we walked nearly one hour to just before the Egyptian border (Taba)...and found a place there to rent the mask, snorkel, and fins...and snorkeled for like 3.5 hours at Coral Beach...the amounts and types of fish and coral we saw were amazing! Now I understand the thrill of diving! And then it was spectactular to surface and look around...we were in Israeli waters, and could clearly make out Aqaba in Jordan, the Saudi coast, and the Egyptian Sinai...where else????

After this, we walked back to the hostel...where we are now just relaxing and using the in-house internet service (at the cost of 10 shekels per 30 minutes). Convenience costs, I guess.

In the evening we will meet our roomie Chris and his diving friends for some beers on the roof of this hostel...which has a great view of Eilat and Aqaba...then in the morning Ruben takes a super early bus out to get back to the group and back to the army base and I will head on a morning bus to Jerusalem.

There is something very unique about this is full of experiences and people that you just never can imagine. Like it's magic or something. Ruben and I were talking about this and decided that it takes a particular kind of person to come here..and everyone has their unique story, but somehow we all have something in common. And then there IS a kind of interesting "magic" in the land.

Well, if I find internet cafe in Jerusalem I will write again...

more later



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View from Eilat Youth Hostel and G…
View from Eilat Youth Hostel and …
Those hotels roughly mark the bord…
Those hotels roughly mark the bor…
Nice beach in Eilat.
Nice beach in Eilat.
Looking toward Jordan.
Looking toward Jordan.
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