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My favorite picture of the whole trip. No trinket or souvenir can come close to this in my opinion.
On our last day in Europe we again used our Euro Train pass to go to Salzburg Austria.  I had heard of it and Alaric told me that I should go for two reasons.  First of all, we had a chance to say we've been in Austria while only staying with 90 minutes of Munich.  Second it was much different and even though it was a bit touristy, he claimed it was very much worth going.  On a funny note he admitted that he and his friend had taken the train there after work in Munich one day just to get dinner.

Austria still speaks German so it wasn't too much of a culture shock from good old Deutschland.  From right off the train we again embarked on our (now customary) "lets walk around and have some fun" strategy.
The city is beautiful.
  The train station was typical, but within a few blocks we soon realized the gorgeous city of Salzburg was anything but.  I stand by my statement when I say that no American city looks even remotely as beautiful Salzburg.  The churches, mountains, buildings and landscape made me really resent the fact that tomorrow I would be standing in New Jersey trying to explain this heavenly view to my friends in comparisons and general descriptions.  Thank God for digital cameras.

I felt myself constantly stopping my brother to gaze at something.  Tim was also interested in the shops as we realized we still had a few friends/family to get souvenirs for.  I could have cared less as I know the pictures I took would cue memories of the entire trip.  That by itself was 100 times better than anything I could buy for a couple Euros.  The Alps, the castles up on the hills, the historic churches and the little restaurants with umbrella covered tables outside all made for an unbelieveable city.  If you are in this region of Europe, IT IS A MUST SEE.  At least in my opinion.  I hope this and any of my other entries gives you a glance into what my brother and I were blessed to see.  I wish you a safe trip wherever you go and hope that yours can rival what we experienced.  Servus!
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My favorite picture of the whole t…
My favorite picture of the whole …
The city is beautiful.
The city is beautiful.
Note the Alps in the background.
Note the Alps in the background.
photo by: travpro11