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Today was exploration day #3!  I left the condo (only to return after realizing at the Meadowlake Dr/Route 4 intersection that I forgot my phone) and headed north on 4.  After coffee and a bottle of iced tea at Killington Deli, I took 100N.  I'd seen this part yesterday, so it was familiar.  But I saw new territory once I passed the junction for 73.  Passed through Rochester, stopped at Hancock for a couple pictures, decided to take Scenic Route 125 on the way back, passed through Granville and made a note to see the Falls on the other side on the way back, and kept going north through Warren, Irasville, Waitsfield, Duxbury, Waterbury (yes, I stopped at the Ben and Jerry's Factory, but I wasn't taking the tour alone...and the line was too long for ice cream.  It isn't like there's no B&J's scoop shop in Rutland), Stowe to Morristown where I turned around b/c I didn't feel like going 40 more miles until Newport.   And I didn't have my passport just in case I ended up in Canada.  I would too, that's the scary part.

On the way back, I stopped at the Moss Glen Falls in Granville.  It's really cool to look at, though it isn't the most magnificent Falls ever.  I'm sure Victoria and Angel Falls are incredibly more impressive.  But I happen too like our little waterfall.  At the Falls, I met a biker couple who were trying to take a picture together, using a box of Wheat Thins.  I didn't even have to imagine the camera entering the water bit, so I offered to take their picture (hey, I'm a fellow tourist, I appreciate it when people ask).  I got mine taken in return, and I left.

In Hancock, I turned onto 125 just for kicks.  And it was a good ride.  I passed Middlebury Gap, which was nice to see.  I may go back for the Robert Frost stuff in Ripton too.  At the end of 125 in Middlebury, I just took 7 south to home.

Okay... a few Vermont nitpicks.  Proctor is NOT near Proctorsville.  Irasville is NOT near Ira.  Pittsfield and Pittsford are close enough.  Putney and Poultney are NOT near each other.

And there is a Moscow, Vermont.  I've been by it.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow.  Right now it's a coin toss between St. Johnsbury (to Maple Grove Farms) or Plymouth Notch (infinitely closer to home).

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