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Sous la pluie, à Paris, tout le mal s'oublie...

Paris has always been a great mystery to me. Every occasion I got to go there, it revealed to me a little bit of some new secret. Every time, it was a unique expecrience, profoundly personal. I couldn't stop observing every corner and feeling things in a different way. I took example from those parisian women, effortlessly elegant and sedutive, yet never lacking boldness. Or those parisian men, unafraid to personnify the word "goodlooking" or "distinguished". I could see the past soacked in every pavement, in every stone and wall, as if it implored not to be fogotten. But never in a desperate manner, always filled with refinement, goign hand in hand with the effervescence of the present.

That  is, in my opinion, what Paris represents. It's everything at the same time.

le super magasin Louis Vuitton, av. des Champs
The ancient, which we do not fail to take example from, and the modern, which gives a contrasting fraîcheur (freshness) and allows to go on. As I learned to discover this city, I was getting to know a little bit more about myself at the same time. I think everybody has some Paris inside of them, which only waits to be realsed.

And in the end, whatever is said that could tarnish Paris' charm... (could, but doesn't do it) some think that Parisians are fractious, or that the city crawls with tourists, or that the Seine river is too dirty...  peu importe (whatever)

Paris will remain forvaever La Ville Lumière (City of Light), the City of Romance, Capital of Elegance, or simply Paris.

Ann_Hells says:
The black and white in the pictures works nicely to emphasize your blog. I like.
Posted on: Jan 03, 2008
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Sous la pluie, à Paris, tout le m…
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le super magasin Louis Vuitton, av…
le super magasin Louis Vuitton, a…
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My french correspondant :)
My french correspondant :)
Toit de Paris
Toit de Paris
photo by: Sweetski