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My first ever scuba dives today. We drove up to Port Hughes on the Spencer Gulf, kitted up and dove of the jetty. It was a great experience, but again I was too buoyant :( It took 20kg of lead to allow me to sink to the bottom.

The water was beautiful, and soothing on my sunburn. We went down for 42 minutes on our first dive, looking at the vivid purple, pink, blue and green soft algal growths on the wooden pylons, as well as the swarms of intricate small temperate reef fish.

Lunch was amusing, we carried the BBQ across the car park, and when we reached the rest of the divers they said "let's have it right here" (in the carpark - they were serious). We laughed, and said we would take it to the lawn/shade/table area 30m away. One guy seriously got in his car and drove the extra 30m - Chris did say that divers were lazy :)

Our second dive was even better, great marine life. We saw a large (50cm) Long-snout Boarfish, with its black and white stripes and discus shape. I held a slender Port Phillip Pipefish, and Chris scared a Globe fish (a type of puffer fish) until it puffed up into a 30cm diameter sphere, and drifted away looking indignant. We also saw Western Smooth Boxfish, Smooth Toadfish, Southern Rock Lobster, Porcelain Crabs, Hermit crabs (very cute under the water, I picked up the shell and it hid away inside), Patch Starfish, Southern Goat fish, Magpie Perch, Old Wifes (does it become Old Wives?), Moonlighters, Truncate coral fish and the very cute Shaw's Cowfish. Chris scared a Cuttlefish so it flashed its luminescent green and jetted away. I had problems after 4kg of lead fell out of my belt and I became too buoyant, but aside from that, it was a good day.

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photo by: shirlan