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Well I packed all my bags and boxes and my car was fully loaded.  We decided to leave and low and behold we are missing my cat.  She decided to take a 5 hour siesta and do it in a discrete location at that.   I went around leering under everything possible and turning everything upside down to find her.  After an hour and a half I settled in front of the television while decreasing my search and trying to entise her from wherever she was with pounce treats and wet catfood.  All this was done to no avail.  She decided to come out when she was ready and off we went.  I guess she was trying to let us know that this roadtrip was not her idea and she was not going willingly and would be doing it at her own pace.  Oh well..no harm was done.

Now that we are on our way we take the 10 to the 15 and it is off to Vegas that we go.  We fill up gas in Barstow and we make a detour in Calico.  I have driven this path thousands of times and yet have never stopped in Calico for the ghost town.  We stop in front of the sign of the man leading us on our way to Calico for our first pictures.  When we arrive to Calico Ghost town it is closed but at least we went and got some pictures of the cool rocks.  The sun  set on our way back to the 15.  Back on the road we drove past Baker noting the World's Largest Thermometer and then stopped for some refreshments at Starbucks.  It was there that  I had the opportunity to throw 50 cents in a machine.  I won but of course I put it all back into it.  We skipped by stateline and the amusement park although I would recommennd it to anyone traveling by for the first time.

Vegas...here we are.  We drove down the strip noting all the new hotels added since our last visit.  A little after midnight we found a hotel and dropped off our cat and then went over to downtown Vegas (Freemont Street).  It is here that we found a hotel with an open buffet at 2am and had some dinner/breakfast.  After walking around for awhile we went back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

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212 km (132 miles) traveled
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photo by: lovemuchocindy