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Scott, the Pirate, legally blonde californian Kathy, and last but not the least, Aki.

It took me 30 hours to get here. How else could I feel? Took one bus, two airplanes, two trains and one taxi. And after filling in some forms and settle in my room for a shower I went to sleep straight away, it was 10 pm. I had a Japanese Placement Test at 09:00 am, and some other really important stuff to do. When I woke up I saw 11:30 on my clock and just thought "SHIT". So I jumped out of bed, and dressed really fast, while my roommate Chiaki looked at me with a funny face and asked "Where are you going?" I babled something about being late and just left. When I walked downstairs and looked outside I could see it was dark. It wasn't morning. At that moment I just froze. I was really disoriented, so I just picked a coffee at the lobby and went back to my room saying to myself "Chiaki's going to think I'm crazy." She just laughed when I told her what was wrong and we chated for a while until I got back to bed.

That wasn't the best way to start life at Akita

sylviandavid says:
Ha ha.... I did the same thing in rome with my watch upside down.... then I changed it around,,,, then I saw a man staring at me in the lobby so I said... (duh) Is it 11:30 in the morning or at night. He stared... and told me night.... ok... went back to bed and just about split a gut telling people the next morning... Jet Lag is a harsh mistress..... lol. sylvia
Posted on: Sep 28, 2007
RuMiau says:
Espero que isso não me aconteça... beijinhos
Posted on: Aug 31, 2007
Jaina_me says:
essa está boa gaja:) espero que corra tudo bem, vai dando mais notícias!! bjos
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
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Roommate Chiaki

So, to welcome the new students we had an icecream party, with vanilla icecream for everyone, snacks and music from the university's gospel choir (see video). Everyone had to go on stage and make a brief introduction of who they were and where they came from. It was a good way to meet some of the students.

It seems I already have a steady group of friends, thanks to my roommate Chiaki. She's really nice and very helpful, and also very patient. We went shopping together and she helped me to find all the stuff I need. Then we went to Starbucks and chated there for a while killing time until the bus arrived. She is in the Choir and so are her friends Saori and Aki. Saori is very funny. She dyed her hair blonde and tells everyone she's from California. We call her Kathy because there is another Saori in their group. Aki seems to be a really sweet girl. And then we have Scott, the Pirate.

Scott, the Pirate, legally blonde …
Scott, the Pirate, legally blonde…
Roommate Chiaki
Roommate Chiaki
Icecream party (+ Arjuuna from Mon…
Icecream party (+ Arjuuna from Mo…
Icecream Party
photo by: Lotus28