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This is AIU bus trip nº2!! Waking up early once again. Some people came still with last night's hangover. Some of them didn't even manage to get up. There was another wild party yesterday, I was wise enough not to go. This time we went for the Momiji (for me, once again) in an area close to Yokote city. First we went all the way up to the mountain to see a fabulous onsen. Well. it's not exactaly an onsen, but a vulcanic river. At the bottom of a gorge surounded by beutiful falling leaves you find a river, water falls and steam coming right out from the rocks. It smells really funny too. It was a 2 hour trip to get at Oyasukyo, and the weather was really nice, so you could see many japanese families walking around.
Oyasukyo Onsen
We were lucky, because this week the weather has been so awful! Anyway, you must walk down some stairs to get at the riverside, and then walk through the path next to it. It was breathtaking indeed! After walking for about 15 minutes I noticed the whole group of people had stopped at some point, so the crowd was packing. The reason was, due to maintenance work on the path, they had placed a barrier so people couldn't follow the normal route and had to get back. For all of those who know me, it won't surprise you if I just ignored the barrier, climb over it and continued the path. Well, I surely surprised many tourists there, but no one else followed my lead. That was perfect. I had the place all for myself!!! They had just put new concrete on one part of the path, but that was meaningless.
The river's water was really warm, you only wish to take your clothes of and dive into it. That idea crossed my mind since I was alone, but it also crossed my mind that someone else could eventually come. I ventured back and ended up convincing Sarah (an american student) to see the rest of the trail with me. I couldn't leave without buying some yummy cakes and tomatoes on the shop and eat them on the bus. Next stop was Furusato mura in Yokote city. This is some sort of amusement park with the Akita Modern Art Museum, a Wonder Castle and a Planetarium. Not to mention they had lots of local crafts, food and gift shops. We had our Bento in the garden then headed for the museum. It's a miracle I have survived until now without buying something shaped into Namahage! It was good, but nothing too special. Some of the paintings were nice. Then the "Wonder Castle", good for kids and families. Or just big groups of bored international students! The Planetarium was interesting, but again, a little too childish. It was a good day alltogether, hope they keep on booking bus trips. Next week is the Buddist Mummies in Yamagata!
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Oyasukyo Onsen
Wonder Castle Namahage Slide
photo by: nausicaa