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What can you do at AIU on a normal friday evening? Not much, I can assure you. But this friday was different, we had the Auditorium reserved for some of the performances of the AIU festival. It is a good way to break over the routine. My favorite part was after the Yatose! performance, when the group members grabbed people from the audience (including me) and started dancing all together in a circle. That was so much fun! We had the fashion show again and some of the dance groups, wich are my personal favorites. They even gave us all a bag full of sweets at the entrance. By the way, did I mention we had PUMPKIN BURGER for Halloween? That was the weirdest thing ever, but really delicious. Sugoku oishikatta desu!!!!

After the performances I noticed that some of the american students were making a fuss in one of the hallways, so I went to check it out.

Well, I found one of the guys running and dancing around with his pants down, very, very drunk. This was just the beginning of a wild party in the Smoking Room at the Lobby involving heavy alchool (mostly tequila), loud music and sexually charged lapdances. It also involved people running around naked again and others banging the glass doors in the Smoking Room. It was so bad that the doorman (the grumpiest of them) kicked people out of the place screaming! Then the party went to other extremes in one of the student apartments. Alcohol is forbidden in campus, but usually the faculty members tolerate it because they know how bored students feel here. AIU is in the middle of nowhere, and in the weekend the last train from Akita leaves at 22:30, the last bus from Wada Station to AIU is at 21:00.
some more AIU acts
So, unless you have a car (or a japanese friend with a car) you're trapped on campus for the evenings or you just stay up all night in town and take the first morning train. That's why there are some really wild parties going on campus. And it's getting worse. How do I know? I was in that party as well... Since I'm not a fan of drinking (my friends should know how bad I take alcohol) and lapdances are soooooo not my thing (me doing sexy moves? no way!!!) I took my sweet time taking compromising photos of everyone in the party! Now I can blackmail them if I want to! LOL! Ah! Ah! Ah!

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some more AIU acts
photo by: Lotus28