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We have just returned to England after a short trip away to Austria. We woke up at an obscene 2:30am last Saturday morning in order to catch a coach to Stansted Airport to fly to Salzburg at 6:40am. This early start however meant that we were in Salzburg at 9am with the whole day ahead of us. There were beautiful blue skies when we arrived, and we landed right in the shadow of the Alps, which had a light covering of snow.
We made our way into the centre of Salzburg, which consists of the old town, and the more modern business centre. All the attractions of note are ind the old town. A very impressive white castle perched on a cliff dominates Salzburg, overlooking the town. We walked up to the castle and there were great views over Salzburg on one side and the Alps on the other.

Apart from being a very pretty town, Salzburg has two other claims to fame. One is that much of the Sound of Music was filmed here, and the other is that it is the birthplace of Mozart. Both are major drawcards for tourists. You can go on Sound of Music tours, where you are taken to many of the places from the movie. There are also many classical concerts held here and heaps of (tacky) Mozart paraphenalia to buy. A lot of hotels and guesthouses (like ours) play the Sound of Music daily. You'd really get sick of it if you worked there me thinks.

The followingday we were planning to go to the top of Unterberg, and 1853m high mountain overlooking the town. This is the mountain where peple go to spin around and around and belt out "The Hills are Alive", since it is here that this part of the movie was filmed.
Unfortunately, Sunday had very bad weather so it wouldn't have been very pleasant. Instead we went to Schloss Hellbrunn, which is a small 17th century palace 4km out of Salzburg, which was owned by a prominent bishop/prince of the time. The grounds were huge, very manicured and made for a nice stroll.

A lot of people visit the palace to see the trick fountains. It turns out that this bishoip (Marcus Sitticus) was a bit of a larrikin and designed all of these secret fountains in the palace grounds. He would turn them on when his unsuspecting visitors were walking past. The best ones were those that were actually set in the seats of an outdoor table and chairs set, that the bishop would turn on while his guests were sitting on them (there wasn't one on his seat though).
They were also along pathways and set inside innocuous looking statues. The tour guides share the same sense of humour so unsuspecting tourists get quite wet. It was quite amazing as this was all designed in the 17th century and relied totally on waterpower.
Also in the grounds was a medieval theatre cut out of rock in the 1600s. It had steps up to the stage and backstage was a cave. Plays and musicals were held here, hosted by the jokester Bishop.
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Schloss Mirabell gardens, Salzburg
Schloss Mirabell gardens, Salzburg
Helbrunn Palace just outside of Sa…
Helbrunn Palace just outside of S…
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