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As usual, me and my traveling buddy split up again. He likes to walk everywhere, and I like to take the easiest route possible. (especially when you don't know where you're going in a huge, foreign city. I'm pretty sure he went the wrong way again!) I got off the skyway and started wandering around, waiting for him, and found a little "market" filled with clothes.. I was in heaven... thai clothes are so gorgeous, and cheap, even if they're not the best quality. Anyway, i didn't buy anything other than a shirt and a coin purse because I know that everything there I could get cheaper in China town or the JJ weekend market. So moving on, I crossed the street and decided to go into Siam Square.. and it is absolutely amazing. It's a mall, but it's so high-tech and modern, Watertower place doesn't even compare to this. It's absolutely stunning, i can't even explain. don't ask me what my fascination with malls are, I think I just have a thing for architecture. So i'm here now, in one of their many internet cafe's.

Anyway onto more interesting things, yesterday we walked around Ayuthaya, which was the former capitol of Thailand (when it was called Siam). I don't know too much about it except in the 1700's, the Burmese attacked the capitol, destroying nearly all of their temples, and to this day it's still in ruins-- it's what attracts the toursists. It was absolutely amazing, more amazing than this mall. So anyway, as you'll see if you look at the pictures, which I am currently uploading here in Siam Square (I don't even think it's called Siam "Square"-- I know it's Siam something, I just added the Square to make it a mall) they just left everything the way it was after the battle-- the buddha's heads are missing, some of them are just in ruins, some of the buildings look as if they're about to fall down, etc.

I'd try to explain Ayuthaya more, but I'd just sound stupid because I really don't know what I'm talking about. So I'll move on. After we toured the ruins, we went to the train station to take a 2:30 train to Lop Buri, the thai town that is literally infested with monkeys. Yes, monkeys. We got to the temple that they all hang out in, which is another ruin from the 1700's, and it was nothing short of intimidating. Those monkeys are not afraid of people at all. They were chasing me, one actually jumped onto my backpack trying to get it open, and it was actually quite scary. there were literally hundreds of monkeys, and they do the weirdest things. I saw some of them massaging each other, like they were looking for ticks or something.. it was strange. And then I bought some food to give to them and you literally have to go inside the temple, like you were in a cage, because if you had it out in the open I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here typing this right now. So yes. Monkeys are soo cute when they're on tv or at the zoo, but when they are actually running at large, they are terrifying. I don't care that they are ridiculously small, they still are scary. And they may have had rabies.

By the time we left Lop Buri it was 6:45-- the train we took to get there was so late and broke down like 5 times. Or once. Same thing. We got into Bangkok at like 10pm, after searching for quite some time we found a very expensive guesthouse, and then by that time i was too exhausted to look for a cheaper place. Today we booked our flight to Cambodia, where we will see the Angkor Wat (pretty sure i spelled that wrong) and then the Genocide museum & killing fields. I'm not sure if many people in America know this, but in the late 1970's, Cambodia's leader killed about 1/3rd of the population for no real reason- just like Hitler. In fact, it's ranked up there right next to the Holocaust as one of the worst.. well.. worst killing of people, I suppose. I know I read it somewhere. I am sounding more and more unintelligent as I write this, I'm sure.

So the plan for the next few days is to just relax here in Bangkok then onto Cambodia. My traveling buddy (his name is Kenton) leaves in about 11 days so he's rushing around getting last minute sight-seeing things done, so he's leaving Bangkok until Tuesday to go do stuff that I've already done or will do later (considering I have 4+ weeks left!) I'm pretty sure I'm going to go to the weekend market (where you MUST barter with the people- they don't like it if you don't!) and get all my shopping out of the way. That's the plan! I promise to be more thorough with my updates from now on, and check out my album for more pictures!!
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photo by: Deats