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i'm back in Cambodia, it's a little stopover between Vietnam and Bangkok. I wanted to visit some friends I made (and its a nice city too) so here I am. The guesthouse I'm at is awesome, every night they just play movie after movie (all with subtitles & bootlegged, of course, but that's what makes it better) & the food is cheap and the atmosphere is great. I'm meeting a friend around8:30 (it is 6:45 now) and then tomorrow I'll do some shopping, and then probably catch a flight on Thursday morning back to Bangkok. Not really a lot going on.

Yesterday while I was riding on a motorbike with my friend Tom, I was getting off and leaned my leg against the muffler. after a few seconds I realized it was burning and now i literally have like a hole in my leg. it's under the knee-- i don't know what you call it. but it looks so gross, and I can't find any sort of bandage to keep dust from getting into it, so I don't know. It'll be fine. It's my "Thailand Tattoo" received in Vietnam.

Also this adds on to the rudeness/racism of the Vietnamese.. Last night, I waited at the bus station for an hour and a half waiting for my bus. My ticket said 8:00. It didn't come until 9. Then, and this is the ONLY bus this has ever happened on, they made all of the foreigners (all 5 of us) sit in the back row, the most uncomfortable row. They say it was because the other seats were reserved (lie) and that we had seat numbers (another lie, because my ticket didn't have a seat number written down and there weren't even any numbers on the seats!!) and it was just shit. I was frustrated already with Vietnam in general and that was just the icing on the cake. One of the other foreigners, an Aussie i believe, told them that if he sits in the back, he'll get sick, so their response to that was to try and get him off the bus and onto the next one, in the morning. (They didn't understand what he was saying but he was making a scene so they were like "ok sir you come off the bus now we get you on bus tomorrow morning ok sir") whatever. He actually ended up sleeping in the aisle of the bus. Oh and I forgot to mention, all of the Vietnamese had their own row- one person for 2 seats. Reserved? I think now. Ugh. I hate Vietnam. I'm so glad I'm out.

Anyway that's my story, i tried to make as much sense as I could so I hope that makes sense. I'm gonna go watch a movie or read for a bit, I'm assuming there won't be too much more to say between now and the time I get back but i'll try to think of stuff to say.
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