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So we left Rhode Island around 3am on July 1st. that was after an hour or so of packing. This whole trip was pretty much a last minute thing with only a week of planning. It was my friend Justin and I. On the way up there we weren’t even gone an hour and something went wrong. A deer jumped out in front of on a back road in ct. luckily I saw her before she jumped out and was going about 5mph or less when we hit. But there was nothing wrong with the car and she ran off so I figured she was fine. The ride up there wasn’t so bad at first but when we got into upstate New York the no sleep started to kick in. so we stopped just outside of Syracuse, NY and I slept for about an hour. After that we where driving down the highway and next to us was a river that had just flooded no to long ago. There was mud high in the trees and there was trees backed up at the bridges. The trees where so backed up that they where about street level high on them at some points. After a few hours of driving we arrived in buffalo, NY. That’s where more trouble started. We took the wrong exit to get to the bridge that crosses over to Canada. After a little while of driving around and talking to locals we found our way back. After we crossed over in to Canada we had to find a place to stay. Luckily we found this place that was really cheap and close it was $150 US for 3 nights. The room was about a 15 min walk from everything in the tourist district. I caught up on my sleep for a little while when we got there. After that Justin and I walked into the tourist district and hung out with some locals for a bit. We got the run down about the city like places to check out and all that good stuff. So after that we walked to the falls. It was my 2nd time being there last time I went I was about 10 the first time it was for my moms 30th birthday. We ended up stumbling across this bar called the wild mushroom. That place ended up being our 1st stop and last of everyday we where there. The owner was working the 1st time we where there and he was telling us all about the area. So we ended up going and walking round there that night and went back to the room. The 2nd day we where there we did a little more walking around going further then the day before. We checked out all the tourist traps. They had a wax museum a cereal killer museum Ripley’s museum and Guinness book of world records. W didn’t go into any of them for lack of funds but it was still cool to walk around and check out everything they had outside. On the 3rd day we where there we ended up leaving the room to driving around. We went further out of the tourist areas and pretty much saw the other side, the side of the real part of that area not the tourist trap. After that we ended up driving in the “wine country” stopping at all the scenic over looks. After all that we drove back into the tourist district and everyone was waving Italian flags beeping there horns just pretty much going insane. We where up while the world cup was going on and Italy had just won their game. There was a bulldozer with its bucket up and people inside of it waving flags. People where getting out of there cars just pretty much going insane so we where stuck for a while not being able to get back in the us. We ended up following one car to see if the guy would fall out. He was standing out side of the car while they where speeding down the road. So after a few hours we ended up going back to Rhode Island. Nothing exciting really happened on the way back.
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Niagara Falls
photo by: portia