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This is where the millions of misquitos layed their eggs.
The ride to the West coast was a long one but towards the end we met some cool people decided we werent even gonna go to Tamarindo (our original plan) at least not right away. Carter (my friend) started talking with some girl from South/ North Carolina, she said she was studyign abroad in Costa Rica and that she was heading to Brasilito and convinced us to go too. The bus pulled in to some town and a few patrol cars pulled up and a cop walked through the bus. We found out someone's purse had been stolen and so they took the whole bus to the police station. In front of Carter and me there was this little girl that was going through a sugar high.
Carter made friends with her really fast and she started to test our spanish by making us translate whatever word she chose to throw at us. We didnt know some of the words she said and we had to rely on the girl weh ad just met for help a couple of times. The little girl told us we failed our test and that we got an F while the girl got an A. She kept us entertained through the rest of the trip and after a while longer and a random stop for what appeared to be a personal errand the driver had to do, we made it to Brasilito. It was pretty late and we wanted to find the hostel that the girl was planning on staying at. It took us a while and we had to dodge this group of guys that kept trying to give us a ride (i guess on their bikes? cause thats all they had). We found the hostel with no lights on, falling apart and crawling with crabs and lizards and with the air swarming with mosquitos.
We found another hostel which was creepy in its own way. We had to walk up a drive way or up a slope or something and the place had barely any lights. As we were walking up this guy was just sitting in his chair off to the side watching us without saying anything. I cant remember who talked first but he eventually lead us to some door and knocked on the door. A little peep-door opened up and a pair of eyes and a mouth glistening like it had been eating a watermelon like a scene from Monty Python. We held a quick meeting and decided to leave. The only other place we saw was a little hotel and we all stayed there. During our stay in brasilito we saw some beautiful sun sets, relaxed on the beach and I got my ass kicked by a wave trying to body surf.
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This is where the millions of misq…
This is where the millions of mis…
photo by: doug