Our stop in San Ramon: A Mexican, a French Canadian and a Music Video

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We ran across a music video being shot while we waited for the next bus to Quepos. In case you havn't guessed the guy in the red speedo isn't prat of the video, but he felt he should be.
On our way across the country we stopped in San Ramon to catch a bus. At the bus tiket station this dude who was sitting next to the booth and clearly had the shit beat out of him was tellimg me he was from Mexico and asking for some change so he can get a ticket out. I gave gave him some and went back to asking about our bus. We found out we'd be waiting for an hour or so so we went out to go wander. Out on the street next to the bus station we saw that same Mexican getting yelled at or argued with by some guy. The guy doing the yelling walked over to us and while i dont remember the order of things he was wondering if we could help him cause he got robbed by the Mexican who we gave change to. At that point we felt like jackasses for giving money to someone who may have not deserved it so we just told him we told him we gave our money to the guy who robbed him which didnt make him very happy. He said he was from Canada but I coulda swore this guy had some kind of a jersey/new york accent. We confused so we left and headed for the beach. There we saw a big crowd watching the taping of a music video probably of some local band. I'd had never seen the taping of a music video before and there were a lot of pretty girls so we stuck around before walking around the town and then heading back to the bus.
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We ran across a music video being …
We ran across a music video being…
San Ramon
photo by: doug