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Vending machines are everywhere
We departed on the subway to Nishi-Nippori. We are now becoming old hands at the subway and even had to change to the JR line to get there. Very easy.
We wanted to do a walk recommended by the Lonely Planet from Nishi-Nippori to Nippori. It is an area that was spared bombing in WWII and still has original temples, shrines, and the old wooden houses of old Edo.
It was a peaceful walk once we got away from the station area which was quite ugly with overhead expressways and ugly grey buildings. We went into some of the shrines and had a look around.
We passed some old cemeteries and little shops and eateries.
It was a much different Japan to Shibuya and Shinjuku. We couldn't find the Nippori station but stumbled across another one. Thats the thing about Japan - you can't really get too lost because there seems to be train stations everywhere.
On the back streets of Tokyo

Wee caught a train to Ueno park and got an O-bento (lunchbox). We had another wander around. I wanted to come back as I had run out of film when we came the day before.
After a while we caught he subway back home.

Andrew was finishing work early (ie. 9pm) so we arranged to meet him at a small restaurant near their house. It looked very small and non-descript from the road with a single lantern and a curtain covering a bamboo sliding door.
Cameron and I wouldn't have dared to go into a place like this alone.
Inside there were a few locals and 3 chefs ready to make us some sashimi and sushi. We sat at the counter and watched them at work. They brought us a small salad and then the chefs kept piling our plates with sashimi and sushi. We finished it off with a big piece of sea snake.
Andrew and Noriko are regulars and seemed to know everybody there. Momoko was running around and everyone loves baby and were cooing over her.
It was a place that we only went to because we were with locals which made it special. It wasn't a tourist restaurant and nothing was in English. It was really just there to serve the local neighbourhood. It really was a highlight of our time in Tokyo.
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Vending machines are everywhere
Vending machines are everywhere
On the back streets of Tokyo
On the back streets of Tokyo
Beautiful Nikko
Beautiful Nikko
photo by: maka77