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Day 1:

Wow!  Arrived at the airport 1.5 hours before my 7:40AM United Airlines flight from Nashville to Chicago (then connecting to Hong Kong and then Singapore).  The airport was packed!  It is never packed in Nashville... and definitely never packed at 6AM.  After being in line for about 10 mins I heard someone say, "This isn't the line to the ticket counter."  I thought, "Oh... I have to check my back..."  When I asked, I was told the ticket counters have no line...it is the security that has the problem.  I took my back over to the ticket counter and checked it.  They handed me my ticket and said, "You probably won't make the flight because of security.  We can deal with it at that time."  Real promising, eh? 

Well, I got back in the security line and inched forward.  They said the x-ray scanners were down and this would be a while because they have to search all bags by hand.  After I realized I would definitely miss my flight, I called United Airlines.  They said they had not heard of any problems in Nashville and everything was on time... and that their were no seats on the next flight to Chicago, anyway.  I broke down and called my Dad.  He called them and got them to move me to the next flight without a problem.  With this flight I would still have an hour window to make my flight to Hong Kong.  But even with more than an hour... it wasn't looking too promising.  I finally pulled out 100 dollar bill and walked in front of 300 people... went I propositioned someone at the front of the line, it just turned into a long discussion that allowed me to stay there.  Now I only had 20 people in front of me.  But it wasn't moving.  Finally, it started working (temporarily) but long enough for me to get through.  The gate said they were delayed even getting the plane to the gate b/c the other 2 flights hadn't left the gate to make room.  They also wanted to delay for the people coming through security.  Ugh... Finally, when they realized the flight to Denver wasn't going... they just pulled my plane up behind it and we boarded by walking outside and across the tarmac.  Ahhh.... I'm going to make it... We took off 45 mins late, though... my window was down to 15min... needless to say, when I was landing, I called my mom, who was flying with me.  She said they were on the plane and the door was closed.  My dad told me how to get from my gate to their gate fast, but I missed them by about 8 mins.  UA put me on a flight through Tokyo to Singapore, instead.  He made sure my bag got on the plane, and I was off.  It was running late, oddly enough.  Then when we were about to leave, the captain came on and told us the baggage needed to be adjusted because it wasn't balanced properly for the plane.  Aargh!!! Then when we finally got to the runway and we were told we were in queue because we missed our place in line.  I'm thinking, "Is this a dream?"....

Good flight... only 1.35 hours late.... so, I missed the last United flight to Singapore.  Hmmmmm....

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photo by: diisha392